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  • M. A. Hastings "beeb08" - Great stuff but can't afford it!Very expensive but WONDERFUL make up. My skin tends to break out in zits even at 39! I look young but it sux to not be able to wear regular foundation as I am uneven in tone and wish to cover up tons of imperfections. I can use this stuff and it looks GREAT and gives suncoverage (sunscreen). May I recommend though Physcian's Formula dry type make up? It is CHEAPER and works almost as good! I use sunscreen though FIRST with Physician's Formula. I found a link in here...but I found the mineral face power and mineral veil at Walgreens...Physicians Formula MINERAL WEAR Mineral Face Powder & Mineral Duo Eyeshadow (1 KIT), Light Bronzer
  • Jorge A. Garcia - Works great ! Found many uses for it!I am not sure why so many people are giving it bad reviews. One can only think that Gripo has a quality control problem, but that has not been my experience. I bought it at the local pharmacy fo r $11.99 + tax. Stuck it to the windshield and attached a heavy HTC phone to it. Voila' that's it. It does what it's supposed to do and the phone wasn't going anywhere. The suction cup holds well. The lock screws for the arm adjustment are adequate for the job, but I wouldn't go changing positions every day, since they don't seem to be vey sturdy.

    The length of the arm is plentiful for repositioning and for cars with highly pitched windshields (like a VW) extending away from the driver.


    Well, sticks too well and ended up popping the gripper from the mount ball a few times before I learned how to peel it away correctly.