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  • Ashley McBrian - love, love, love it!this is a great stroller. We searched around a lot for a stroller that was light, easily compactable, doesn't take up a ton of room in the trunk, offers great storage, great mobility, slim in shape to go down isles with ease and not feeling like you are in the way and the tires work great even in the grass. this is a wonderful stroller and is everything we were looking for in a stroller.
  • Michael C "aka Mike C" - Good bye cable tv - hello Roku.After cutting the cord with cable for over a year this is just what the doctor ordered. So cool. Definitely a sign of the future.
  • vjacque2 - STEPPING STONE TO CHANGEWhen I first read this book I was in college and honestly thought I knew what dating was. I actually hesitated to read this book because I just thought it would be judgmental and there would be an ounce of truth that would convict me of my dating life as a Christian. Today I can say I have no regrets but now I have standards and expectation. Love this book and this author!
  • Joe Moore - Totally AMAZEDOk I was shocked that I found a Hard Drive that is as good as this one.

    I have had many hard drives and traveled a lot. Most end up breaking in the process of traveling or from me dropping them.

    Here is my account with this one. I went to work to transfer some files brought in the hard drive. I was in a rush so I didn't pack it back up properly. I was getting into my car fumbling for my keys and my hard drive slips out and drops about 5 feet smashing into the concrete. I was shocked and worried. It landed on the right corner. I would have thought the drive was damaged or the case was broken.

    The case was fine with just a little scratch (thankfully). I went home and plugged in the drive quickly to see if it still works. Thinking I was about to have to spend more money on an expensive hard drive. To my surprise the drive booted up properly and everything was still there. Nothing missing, no corrupted files, all safe.

    I say buy this hard drive if you travel a lot.
    Giving it 5 stars doesn't mean there isn't a downfall. I don't like that you have to power it by an electrical outlet. I do wish it was powered over USB like most.
  • desrtgal - A God Giving GiftI bought this book and the H20 after my husband had done some research regarding a cure for cancer, once he told his mother regarding this God Giving product she researched it and spoke to a doctor that gave her the info regarding this book and the H20. I'm saying all this to say that my sister inlaw HAD cancer but once she read the book and started the H20 she is now cancer FREE, this has been an answer to prayer. My husband and I along with our parents and numerous friends are now taking the H20 with awesome results. This book makes complete since on how the pharmacuticals companies do not want to promote this because it's a miracle and not expensive so they don't make any money. This book also makes sense stating that a highly oxgenated body cannot support diseases and that cancer is just a fungus.
    People get ahold of this, this is a miracle from God you do not have to suffer anymore.... God Bless