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  • ganka - Easy to install, nice updates compared to 2007The software was easy to install. I had to go to the link provided in a cute little box it came, enter the key from the card, it asked me if I want 32 or 64 kind installed, and then went to downloading and installing everything. It didn't ask me if I want the whole package or if I only want some of the applications installed, though. It took some time to finish working, which was expected, considering the size of it.
    I was glad to learn that I will be able to install it on different computer if this one breaks down or if I will decide to upgrade it.
    I do not have MS 2010, so I cannot compare to it, but the new 2013 seems to be nicer then the 2007 I had. I like the new excel features for flash filling and I just love the quick analysis where it highlights different aspects of your data on the fly.
  • dona - It works!I can't even say how bad my constipation was. I had gone several times to the doctor and they performed colonoscopy and all tests to rule out colon cancer. I even had a test for ovarian cancer which is one of the causes of constipation. Everything came out negative. I started suffering back in October 2011. I thought I would give this a try. Well, what do you know? It worked! I did have to wait around two weeks until it started working and now I am regular. I drink coffee in the morning and right after, I am ready to go. I take it at night before bed in combination with stool softener. I am a happy camper! I only hope it doesn't stop working, it's been a life saver
  • Suddenly Single - Get The GuyGet The Guy is the best book ever to help women find love. I now better understand what it takes to build a lasting relationship with the man that I have chosen. Whether you are looking for the first time, or the 50th, or are already in a relationship this book will help you with the mystery of men. It has helped me as much as Men are from mars women are from Venus! I used the tips from the book immediately. And the online videos really help me to learn the principles in the book. Plus it gives me hope that if I work on my dating life, I will be rewarded with a committed man.
  • F. Lawrence - WiFi Problems Fixed - Best Android Tablet on the Market!As of ICS 4.0.3 the Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth issues appear to be resolved. Measured signal strength with other devices are equal throughout my home, office, and other locations. The ATP is an excellent tablet, very fast, and comes with many very nice features that others have already documented fully so I won't repeat them here. I just wanted to note that the one concern that many had appears to be gone.