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  • Chris Conway - Adults only!

    I tried using the cable between my router and my computer and--all of a sudden--all pictures from the internet show women with highly detailed see-through clothing! Also, it looks as though someone did a nice touch-up on their hair and make-up...fine lines and wrinkles have been magically removed, and their hair looks like they just walked out of the beauty salon. Overall, an amazing internet cable whose ability to change digital data for the better is right out of the 25th century (or beyond)...but be careful about who might be surfing the web through this cable from the future!

  • Daniel H - I have become a better person.

    I found myself on most days contemplating ways on how to slice a banana. I would often stay in the shower for more than two hours, thinking of ways to cut one. I tried everything, from removing the cover off of my fan and slowly inching it into the blades as they turned, to putting it in a jar of vinegar and staring at it, hoping that something would happen (sort of like to an egg). I sunk into a deep depression, and had to take 3 pills every morning and night to cope with it. I mentioned my banana problem to a co-worker of mine, and he introduced me to this revolutionary invention called a "Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer". I almost fainted as I gazed upon this perfect god-like product. Since then I have woke up everyday in the greatest mood and am no longer taking anti-depressants, I also do community service and raise awareness on breast cancer. Thank you, Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer.

  • Rie K - Great for group discussion

    A study group is meeting weekly to discuss a chapter in this book. There is a lot to think about and a lot to discuss with other Christians. It's good to have such a thought-provoking book as a springboard for the discussions. It's well-written. Ideas are radical to some extent, radical to some perspectives, but useful to help you determine what you believe.

  • Ciara - AMAZING Acne Product

    I have always had acne prone skin, ever since I hit 12/13 years old. I have tried everything! From Clean & Clear, to Neutrogena, all the way to Proactiv. None of them ever worked for me, in fact, some of them even made my skin worse! Finally I have found a product that actually works. I think it's the natural ingredients in them, my skin is clearer than ever! This product is most definitly worth it. Don't buy that other junk it will not work. Thank you so much Exposed!