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  • barry - Love this stuff!!!I usually do not have the time to get a proper meal. I mix up Garden of Life into a glass and my problem is solved. I can actually feel the difference this product makes after I drink it. It has ingredients that are just not available in the food options I have available. Garden of Life is now a staple in my diet. I actually like the taste too.
  • Christian M - Clear, Concise, but not ComprehensiveFirst, compared to my classmate's 2011 First Aid, the 2012 version is a clear improvement. Color images are an absolute must for histology, pathology, etc.

    This is a book that is a complete overview of the most important concepts that one should learn in medical school. The breadth is great, but it does not contain EVERYTHING, just everything the authors deem to be most important. And they do a pretty darn good job.

    Only thing missing in First Aid are review questions, but there are hundreds of resources for those, and First Aid even guides you to them with their resource grades.

    Bottom line: You can't beat a resource like this for $30. There is a reason why this is probably the most popular review book at my school.
  • Jackie - no hot flashes!!!!this product is the best thing I have ever found to help with hotnflashes and night sweats. This is the second one I have owned in the last few years, I would recomend it to anyone that wants to be confortable, especially at night. I live in Florida, and it is hard to find a product that helps you sleep on hot nights.
  • bOoKwOrM - it's just....uh....brilliant!If you've enjoyed Panini's Doctor Who "Storybooks", then you'll love the "Brilliant Book". This is essential for fans of the show, and especially of Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. The "Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011" is illustrated throughout with many,many images from the show(some are behind the scenes photographs, some are actually promotional images,etc.), offers original fiction stories(which are also illustrated), gives good summaries of the fifth series episodes,and a bunch of other cool stuff.
    I personally liked the page that focused on the so-called "Dream Lord", and which actually gave the readers what appear to be hints about future episodes of the show. Another cool thing fans will appreciate, are the small script extracts scattered throughout the book, showing what scenes of dialogue Steven Moffatt chose to leave out of the finished episodes. :)
    Overall, this is a book that could be fun for the younger fans, but if you're an "older" fan of the show I'd recommend picking this up instead of the "Doctor Who Annual 2011"(which is also published by the BBC, and is more kid-centric/friendly than the "Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011").
  • gavinski91 - totally helpedGave me a really good idea of what to expect from the test. The test taking tips are somewhat helpful, but I found the practice questions at the end of each section to be really helpful. The appendices with lists of frequently used vocab words and mathematical formulas were also very helpful, I ended up scoring 167 and 168 on the verbal and quantitative sections, respectively.