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  • Marty Jukna - Great for more than just the eyes!I originally started using this for around the eyes but started spreading it over my face as I like the feel of it and it really seems to make my skin glow. I use this instead of a moisturizer and I now use it over my neck and chest and I find that the chicken neck and age wrinkles have actually improved. No one believes I am 61!
  • Jessica Smith - Best acne skin care product!I have been using exposed for over a year now and will not use anything else. I have tried many over the counter products and prescription medications including accutane and this is the only stuff that has worked. It does not over dry your skin and leaves it feeling soft and comfortable. Great stuff!
  • Dustin - Excellent for the creative, analytical typeSo a lot of people are bitter (and poor) and making up bad reviews.

    I actually played the game last night after I bought at another store. It was a lot of fun. There are a lot of options to monitor your city, the animations are great, the graphics overall are superb, and the intricacy of the city is astounding. You can follow your first city's citizen from moving in, to getting a job, to going to shop or play. It's a lot of fun. My town is still small, but I know I'll be addicted.

    I must say the always-on thing sucks, but most people have always-on internet now (me). So not a big deal. Hope they iron out the servers, but if you've ever played an online-game on launch with perfect servers - well done, you don't exist!
  • Admiralu "admiralu" - Thourough Guide To Quicken FeaturesI've been a Quicken user for a long time and one thing I always do is obtain the official guide to see what the new Quicken edition offers and whether it is actually worth upgrading. I've put off updating since prior years didn't seem to offer that many changes (2009 edition). I am upgrading for the new edition thanks to the excellent information in this book. Bobbi Sandberg has taken over from Maria Langer as the author for the last several years. As a computer geek, I have read some of Bobbi's books before. She is a very thorough author who explains things in plain English and offers many tips, tricks and suggestions for how you can adapt the software to your needs. I have often seen many complaints about software from people who don't take the time to learn how to use it. I know people are in a time crunch and a book like this may seem overwhelming. This book is over 600 pages, don't let this put you off or scare you away. It is organized into easy to read sections that start with the basics and gradually move to more advanced topics. You can simply read what interests you and skip what doesn't. There is excellent information for everyone from beginners to advanced users. A lot of problems some may have with the software could be avoided with a quick reference from this book. While Ms. Langer used a bit more formality on the sidebars, Ms. Sandberg uses the excellent "In My Experience" to share her insight (she has used and taught Quicken since the beginning) the tips are worth the time taken to read them. What can you expect to learn? The difference between a Data File and an account (a common mistake for some Quicken users), the difference between an automatic backup and a manual one (besides the obvious, if you have saved attachments in Data file they ARE NOT SAVED in an automatic backup!), complete coverage of preferences, toolbars, menus, options and how to customize to your liking and customize to earlier editions, exploration of the new Quicken Mobile app, and solid advice for taking control of your finances. This book covers the Deluxe and Premiere editions of Quicken.

    Part One covers Learning Quicken Basics (installing the software, setting up your first accounts and getting up and running including Quicken Mobile)

    Part Two covers Banking (recording bank and credit card transactions, using online banking features, automating tasks, reconciling accounts)

    Part Three covers Managing your Investment Accounts (including stocks, bonds, 401k, research tools, etc)

    Part Four covers Tracking Your Financial Position (monitoring assets, loans and tracking net worth)

    Part Five covers Forecasting Your Financial Future (financial calculators, reducing debt and saving money and planning for tax time)

    Part Six covers the Appendixes (managing the Quicken files and customizing Quicken)

    Ms Sandberg is a welcome change bringing her vast experience and knowledge to Quicken users. Everything is explained in plain English and there are many screen shots of graphs, charts and program shots. You will not go wrong taking some time to familiarize yourself with the program, new features and changes. While Quicken does have an extensive Help system, I still prefer a good computer book by a great author that really helps me not just use the program, but make it really work for me.
  • Atilla Uslu - If you want more than treatmentI am an internist and have been using Sanford for abx choice and dosing. When I first used "Antibiotic Essential" I have little doubt about how to trust the information provided but after some time passed I realized that it is non-inferior and provide concise information about diseases and have differential chapter. CXR atlas is very useful and contains lots of must-known information about clinical approach to the patients who have different lung involvement patterns. Book provides high-quality pictures of microorganisms. You can find quickly what you're seaching for because back-cover guides you well. Overall it provides trusted information about not only treatment but also differential, diseases and clinical conditions.