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  • David B. Hohler "bike boy" - Great shoes!These shoes were my first entry into cleated biking shoes. I read through the previous reviews on sizing and quality before ordering and got shoes that fit perfectly (size 12 mens = 47). My only issue was that the instructions for mounting the cleats were vague, but actually attaching them was fairly intuitive. I bought shimano pedals that have SPD on one side and a regular platform on the other so that I don't always have to be clipped in. This has worked out very well, allowing me to unclip in really technical trail sections. Overall I couldn't be happier with my purchases.
  • Lifetime Book Lover "Voracious Book Reader" - TWO uses - great shoes!First - these are great for sprinting or marathoning. They provide perfect cushion and they FEEL like they propel you forward. I highly recommend them.

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  • anggoingcrazy - You count on NortonI very much love this program. It extremely helps with email, stops all the unwanted viruses people are trying to send you. Also, It stops my son who is teenager going to unwanted places to get viruses! I know I can count on Norton every time.
    One problem when I first load up Facebook it does take a minute to load up.
  • Crocodile - Excellent drugI had this ibs for a few years. Tried lots of different drugs with no success. This align is amazing. My symptoms have gone away for almost 90 percent. Honestly I do not know for sure it is because of this align or something else because I am also taking nexium for my reflux. I have a strong feeling that align does relieve my constant lower abdomen pains. Thanks for this wonderful drug.

    updated 8/17/2012 ibs and reflux have almost gone. because i am taking both nexium and align so it is a bit hard to know which one does help. however, i am almost certain that align plays huge part in relieving ibs symtoms. A while back I took prevacid (which has almost same effect as nexium) only. But it only helped the reflux not the ibs. Align is a bit pricey but it is really worth it. I cannot believe i am almost free from the constant stomach upset and from always worried about where the bathroom was.