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  • Cynthia Hurst - Great Summer ReadBeautiful Ruins is a roller coaster of times and places with something for everyone, but those favoring quirky modern fiction mixed with 60s zaniness will love this book. The author is an amazing writer, a man from Spokane with a world view, and he carries off the time changes and jumble of characters well. He also has an incredible number of ideas that come in very handy. The wrap-up at the end is perfect: I loved who the character Pasquale Tursi was and became, and how true he stayed to himself. A real commentary on modern ethics with lots of tidbits from Hollywood, the music biz, and international locales. Written with sensitivity, sensuality and pathos, surprisingly realistic and fun, Beautiful Ruins is a great summer read.
  • Cynthia J Barnes - excelleent productlove it and still learning all the great things this tablet can do...this was a birthday gift and a good choice.
  • Mark Conrad - Inciteful, well researched, a different view of the historical JesusThis is an amazing view of the actual history of the period. The Roman conquest of Palestine and the jewish reaction to it generally matches the bibilical accounts, and the authors expanation of the differences make sense. The tension between the Romans and the jews which culminated in the Jewish revolt in 66 c.e., the "messiahs" of the period, the Jewish nature of Christs mission which is later converted to a non-Jewish divine mission make emminent sense in light of the time period. I am now reading a history of Christianity by a Catholic Benedictine, which fits Astan book like a hand in a glove. The conclusion of all this is that you can be a good Christian and still enjoy and believe the Zealot (as both authors state, the defining point of Christianity is the resurrection and ascent of Christ to heaven, and there is no way we can prove that; thus Chrisianity all comes down to faith).
  • C. M. Thompson - Use ComixologyFor those of you experiencing trouble, I picked up the print copy of this with the code in the back for the digital copy at dc comics. I have my dc comics account linked to my comixology app, and that is where I downloaded and read this. Now, you can just download that app and purchase it there as well. I had none of the problems reading this on my Kindle Fire 8.9" HD as many of these reviews describe. It has great full page and zooming sections that flow nicely. PLEASE figure out a way to get this wonderful Neil Gaiman story. It's Neil Gaiman writing Sandman people! There is a reason you are looking at this comic, and you KNOW it will not disappoint.