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  • Just a tsp - SIMPLY AMAZEDI'm 64 years old and was blessed with youthful, healthy skin. Up until 2 years ago, I received complements all the time that suggested I looked at least 5 years younger than my actual age. At 64, that was not the case. I looked 75 yo. What happened? Sickness and medication I think. My face just sagged and seemed to lose elasticity. I lost my eyelids under my eyebrow and the appearance of puffiness and darkness developed under my eyes (Blepharoplasty surgery estimated cost would be $6000 plus pain and healing). I developed extreme neck sagging (possibly due to weight loss and illness). Like many in my situation, I tried all kinds of ointments at a large cost and very frustrating. I did see some benefits with some ointments and a change in make-up (also expensive). Last week, I was featured with my daughter and grand-children in several photographs taken by my husband (who's pretty good as a photographer and owner of several very expensive Canon's and Nikon's and lighting equipment). I was HORRIFIED at my appearance even though I was prepared for the photo shoot with my makeup routine. The photos can be "doctor" by my spouse to remove shadows throughout my face and neck so the photos will be okay. But I'm not okay. Facelift surgery including blepharoplasty and neck could run $15,000+, then there's the pain, suffering, and healing (:o. My experience with LIFECELL. I'm one of the lucky one's :). I noticed a difference first application. After 5th application STILL AMAZED. All my descriptions above DEMINISHED (not gone) to my satisfaction and relief! I'm confident that I will continue to see improvement but even if I don't, LIFECELL is worth every bit of the $189. I realize that it might be too soon to write the review, but I'm so amazed I had to write it. Conclusion: the appearance of my age in my opinion after using LIFECELL, is that of a 65 yo. I can't wait to see what my daughter thinks when I see her in 2 weeks. I'm absolutely sure she will notice and question my rejuvenation. I will visit this post in the near future for my updates. (NOTES: I am in no way connected with LifeCell or any such company. I am simply a happily retired 64 yo consumer/customer that's even happier now after LifeCell entered my life). I did not purchased this product from I purchased the product from on their special pay for shipping only, pay $189.00 up at 30 days if not completely satisfied and returned within 30 days. I will continue to purchase this product directly from as there is no price difference and purchasing directly does have some benefits such as they will be sending me a trial size of their Cooling Eye Treatment and Collagen supplements.)
  • Mouza Al Suwaidi - You Simply Need to Learn The Language of Your System!If you have any intestinal disorder this is the right track for you to reverse the cycle and to be able to communicate with your system and understand it in order to regain your health, and enjoy your life just like the rest of us.

    A year after my mother's death, I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The doctor who first saw me said her body is fighting itself, and stopped all food, except a one litre of water mixed with it an elemental powder for more than 4 months. Also, he put me on steroids to bring my symptoms down.

    At the same time other two specialists from two different hospitals insisted on me going for a surgery to cut part of the intistine, of course I refused that because I had the hope that I will be able to break the cycle.

    While reading a story about an Indian guy who was suffering from Cronhs too, I found at the end that he is recommending this book as he also tried it and was able to recover. When I saw the cover picture of the cover page in amazon I remembered that I bought this book before, then only I felt more excited to put it in action.

    Following the book I was able to eat pretty a lot like any normal person without suffering that much. I just needed to ignore the list of food I have to avoid. And finally after a couple of weeks I was able to see results.

    I'm currently 31, first was diagnosed in 2001 with Crohn's. After 1.5 year being on medication I found out about this approach. Since then I have not touched any medication and have not visited a doctor for Crohn's except in 2008 for colonoscopy where the doctor couldn't belive his eyes that there is no sign that I have Cronhs saying that my intistine looks pink and healthy like if I have never suffered from any disease before in my life. All internal Medicine doctors in my country whom I have been transferred to to prescribe for me vitamins hate me because I refuse to follow their offers to start taking any intistine related medications. They in fact find me to be careless, although I look 100% healthy and symptoms free when I don't eat food that irritates my system. All what everyone of us really need is to understand his/her own system. That's it!

    After being on this diet for several years, I regained my life fully again. Besides this diet and taking care of the vitamins required and exercise, I take L-Glutamine tablets, constantly drink Saleb which works to balance the mocus in the stomach and intestine, enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals in food. Drink carrot juice before bed. During the day I also drink water with a squeeze of lemon to stay really hydrated. These are few things I'm doing right now to maintain my health. I'm living in peace again even I look far better than people who are believed to be healthy.

    Elaine, I can't thank you enough..
  • Joseph W. Proie IV "Steel City PC" - Excellent New Look, Fast, FunctionalI decided to try the Office 2013 Preview, since I had upgraded to Windows 8 on my home PC. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I expected it to be similar to Office 2010, with some minor enhancements and improvements. Instead, what I got was a massive upgrade to an already great system.


    Office 2007 - Introduced the ribbon interface, which, once you get used to it, isn't as bad as many would have you believe and can be quite handy, if configured to suit your needs.

    Office 2010 - More polished version of the ribbon interface, more intuitive, much faster, and more stable version of 2007.

    Office 2013...

    I don't know that the performance increase from 2010 to 2013 is as drastic as what I noticed in 2007 to 2010, but it is certainly there. That aside, I do like the interface, and I've found it to be very intuitive across all of the included applications. They have moved towards a more web-like interface, in many aspects, which simplifies the interface in many ways. It is also designed in such a way that many inputs were considered. I use a mouse and keyboard, but it is clearly also ready for a touch or stylus input, much like Windows 8 is supportive of both input types.

    The integration with SkyDrive and other web features is also a welcomed improvement. I didn't have any major issues with this in the past, but it was certainly an area in which Microsoft Office was lacking. This is no longer the case, and it really does take away one of the main selling point of an entirely web-based competitor that starts with a G. From someone who has used both Google Apps and extensively, I can honestly say that, while the other two have their place (even if's future is very much in question right now), Microsoft Office just feels more polished and offers more features than the others do. For business, I honestly believe there is no competition. For personal use, it's certainly possible that Google Apps is the way to go, as it certainly would be better from a strictly financial perspective. If you trust storing all of your documents on Google's servers, by all means, go that route. If you prefer a native desktop application to work with that offers all of the web-centric features as well, Microsoft Office may be the way to go for you, even as a home user.

    Now, the thing to keep in mind is that, yes, Office 2013 does function slightly different than previous iterations. Granted, the change is not as dramatic as Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 or Vista (people tend to very much exaggerate the degree of change as a way of bashing Windows 8. It isn't nearly as bad as people would have you believe, I promise). Regardless, anything new takes getting used to. The learning curve here is minimal, unless you delve into the new features of the product, in which case, there will be some learning time required, which you should be expecting anyway, since this is the case with all new products or new functionality within a product. It doesn't change the core functionality, in that creating Word documents or Excel spreadsheets is still a breeze, and Outlook 2013 is also quite nice.

    The final thing that I believe is worth pointing out is this. If you even think you might be purchasing a Microsoft Surface tablet or any Windows 8 tablet, for that matter, Office 2013 will be able to run on that device as well. This will make for a much more seemless integration across devices than using another product on one or the other. Combine Office 2013 with SkyDrive, and you've got quite a productive duo, with plenty of power to handle your home, home office, small business (SMB), or large enterprise needs.

    Don't want to take my word for it? Head over to the Microsoft site, download the Office 2013 Preview, and try it out for yourself, for free. What have you got to lose? Those who own a Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows RT have already had the chance to experience the Preview edition, which will be upgraded to the full version upon release. I've been using the Preview for about 3 months, and I have yet to find anything that makes me want to go back to 2010, which is what I was running before I upgraded my PC to Windows 8. Should you upgrade? Yes. I believe 2010 was and is a great product, but Office 2013 is the first step in a direction that will drive Office for numerous versions to come, just as Windows 8 is for Windows. I believe that now is the time to upgrade both, and that it is well worth the investment to do so. Like I said, try the Preview version, and see for yourself.