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  • J. Foley - This changed my lifeWhether that's a good thing for me or for you remains to be seen.Seriously, at forty I was someone who thought he should have been a writer. Now I am a writer. I might've found my way eventually (although what were the chances that I would solve a problem I'd been wandering around for twenty-five years?) but Ms Cameron knew a method that was very effective for me.Don't let the new-age rhetoric fool you. The center of this book is a rock-solid practical approach to becoming an artist in any field, even certified public accounting. If you're not comfortable with th mystic stuff, don't worry about it. Just try what she asks cause that's why you bought the book.
  • Jeremy - Webroot it and forget it!Today it is all about online devices from notebooks to tablets to smartphones. It is data on the move with access anywhere anytime. So who has time to deal a virus or online threat? Would you rather be socializing, sharing data, and enjoying some video content, or fighting a digital virus or threat? The answer is clear: Webroot it and forget it. It is as simple as that.
  • Chris D. - Finally a cure for my gluten problemsI have had a major problem with gluten allergy for 30+ years...bloating, severe cramping, bad diarrhea, etc. Even though I avoid gluten like the plague, sometimes I encounter it without knowing, e.g. at a restaurant where it's in a sauce or at someone's home, and then I suffer for weeks as a result. Align is totally amazing. Like many of the other reviewers have said, it has made me regular and pain-free---and now when I accidentally ingest a small amount of gluten, Align helps me get over the episode MUCH more quickly. I HIGHLY recommend this over-the-counter product.
  • Shocco "Bama" - Great printerGreat printer at a great price! I had ink jet printers for years. When mine stopped working the other day, I decided to change since I hardly ever printed in color and got tired of buying color ink cartridges.....After some research, I got the Canon D530 and it has been WONDERFUL. Been happy since the day I got it and recommend it to everyone I know. Crisp, sharp printing with no worry of ink running if it gets wet.
  • Paul E. Edmeier - They are a perfect fit!I got a red one and the turquoise one and they both fit my MacPro perfectly. The keyboard protector that came with the red one fits over the keyboard nicely. I was a little leery after reading some of the reviews about it and am so glad it was a very nice fit. The quality is nice but then again I don't take my laptop everywhere and it is not heavily used. For the price, it is a very nice product.