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  • Fernando Diaz - Amazing PhoneI been with Amazon for more than 15 years and is the first review I make, this phone is worth it, every dime you pay for it and also every dime you don't pay as is priced extremely fair for the capabilities and features it has.

    You can safely leave your camera at home as the pictures are far superior to any smartphone unless is a Nokia 808 Pureview witch has 41 megapixels and is in another league.

    The phone does not need a screen cover or protector of any kind (has Corning Gorilla glass) , is built to last like the old Nokia phones, you can see the screen even if the sun is hitting you outdoors, is very fast and to be honest Windows 8 is a notch above Android and even IOS so happy I left behind the boring Iphones already, unless you want to stick with the same phone old people use (Iphones) no excuse not to switch.
    What else you want to hear, just test drive one and you are sold.
  • K. van Rooyen "Kmarie" - The Best So Far!My husband and I listened to this on our trips to my doctor and we really enjoyed this one. It has more than one subplot, and held our attention. As always, the narrator is wonderful. This series is like comfort food - always satisfying even if it doesn't have the most substance. No profanity, no real violence--just great entertainment.
  • Gretchen Schmauder - This is what I've been missing!I thought I had a good job. Now I'm wondering if maybe I'm wrong. Could I improve my situation by purchasing this binder? Would I be a more desirable employee if I stuffed myself into this three-ringed organizer so I didn't intimidate any of my male colleagues? Would being in this binder make my coworkers more comfortable? Will this binder make my butt look big? Perhaps I should ask a man his opinion on this. I was sitting here at my desk, listening to my biological clock wind down and wondering what I was going to cook for dinner when it hit me. I have a wall FULL of professional licenses and degrees, but something's missing. Whoa! Where's my binder! I'm ordering one today to make my life complete. Do they sell these in pastels?
  • Sascha Heller - Pleasantly surprised; flawless and painfree upgradeIntuit doesn't have the best track record at releasing bugfree versions of its Quicken software. After reading some of the horror stories here on Amazon, I decided to wait a few months before upgrading from Quicken 2010 to the current version. Now that I have upgraded, I'm very much glad that I did. With the latest updates, the upgrade was flawless and painfree. I especially appreciate that added functionality syncing the Quicken data from the desktop application to Quicken Cloud (so that I can also access my data with the free Quicken iPhone and iPad apps). These free mobile apps are intuitive and informative; with many design elements that I liked in the Mint.com app. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that several bank accounts that wouldn't automatically download transactions in Quicken 2010, now do so without issue.
  • S. Granger "Writer & daddy." - I thought I knew Jim Henson, but I knew nothing.I've been a big fan of the work of Jim Henson, even going so far as learning to make my own puppets since I was 10. And I've seen almost everything that he and his family have done, at least with puppets. And now with my child I've seen most of the computer 3D shows as well. I thought I knew a lot about Jim Henson, but this biography made me realize how little I knew.

    The book starts out with a very touching introduction and a glimpse into how the master worked. Then it goes back to the time before there was a Jim Henson, describing his family that he would be born into. At first you might wonder why that's important but the Henson family played a big role in making Jim Henson the man he became. Without the Henson family, Jim would never have created his first Muppet.

    This biography is engaging and detailed. It's a lot to read but you may find that it's not enough. I couldn't get enough of the wonderful anecdotes told by family and friends. So many very personal stories about the man who gave the world so much joy. He became more human without losing the sparkle.

    I highly recommend Jim Henson: The Biography to anyone who is a fan of his work, even casually. Like every single Jim Henson creation, this book will make you feel even closer to Jim Henson as if he's welcoming you into his family. A great book on a wonderful man.