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  • Robert Steven Thomas - FUNNY, FUNNIER, FUNNIEST ???

    It can be really difficult to get some young people excited about reading books. Whether your kids are readers or haven't shown much curiosity yet, the James Patterson book "I Funny" and this book, its sequel, represent a great opportunity to get them started on a lifetime journey of reading adventure. The author's main character Jamie Grimes, is an atypical modern young boy in two respects ... he is wheelchair-bound and also is extremely bright and witty. Jamie also has powerful personal ambition. This book is about embracing your goals in the adversity of normal life hardships. It is a young-adult classic with lots of illustration and humor. Buy it as a gift and you just may be very pleased at the positive changes you will witness in the children you bought it for.

  • Dave - Fantastic!

    The Kindle Fire HD is amazing, especially considering the price! Some of the other tablets I looked at were 4x as much as this one. It does everything I need and much more. The battery life is superb. I can watch Amazon Prime movies on it, game, surf the web, etc. for hours before needing to recharge. I am very happy with this purchase. Amazon delivers another solid product!