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  • What I think.... "I shop Amazon daily" - Works great!.........Works great!.........Abreva Cold Sore/Fever Blister Treatment, .07-Ounce Tube It is the best product for a cold sore and it's a dollar cheaper than Walmart. I don't know who grades these reviews but my last review did not qualify? I have take my TIME out to write reviews because I shop on Amazon because of the reviews. I find it ODD when I'm denied...100% of the time I have seen the same format or type of reviews.... that have been ALLOWED! this gets posted I have posted about or around 1000 reviews...So after rewriting and literally reviewing the reviewers it gets cleared??? This means that when mine get turned down than it's someone who just likes to feel powerful and say No for the sake of saying No! Wish I could identify them or report them.
  • Yosemite Joe - Great but Not CompleteThis diet got me on the road to healing, and gave me hope where the doctors gave me only despair and cream with a black cancer warning label.

    I found, from a very smart guy named Randall over at on the news groups, that I could "cheat" this diet almost completely except during an outbreak when going to far with alcohol, etc. The simple program I use is to take a table spoon of sweet whey (Bob's Red Mill sells it, it's VERY cheap). This feeds the "good" gut bacteria, which balance the immune system and line the gut.

    But you may have to start with a probiotic powder mixed with oil, which keeps the stomach acid from killing the probiotic. Of else you could try Flora Smart probiotics (sold here), they seem to have a special liner that works. If you really want to go after it, try thewholewhey(DOT)com. The sell a probiotic implant system, but be ready for a little surprise how it works!

    You can read all about this over at the news group I mentioned. Again, the book was great, but with the additional knowledge, I have been able to go back to a nearly normal diet for 2 years and keep the P totally clear, except for a few times when I drank a beer every day or two for a while.

    Good Luck!
  • tastescrunchy - UnbelievableI read this book for a class (at Lehigh University) and absolutely flew through it. It started as a beautiful story, Zeitoun and his family history, his time in New Orleans as well-known a painter/contractor. Even after Katrina hit, he was canoeing around in 9 feet of water rescuing elderly people in need and feeding animals. The book takes a gut-wrenching turn for the worst when he is arrested, brutalized, and held captive for a month at a maximum security prison set up in New Orleans. My jaw dropped several times reading this book. Many times the scene in NO was described as third-world. I was horrified at the way my own country (both officials as well as FEMA) handled the disaster. Before Zeitoun I was utterly misinformed about Katrina. It has opened my eyes, and was also a great read. Read. This. Book.
  • Bill Beers - Windows User becomes a Mac User with this SoftwareHaving been a Windows user for decades, I moved to the MAC environment because of the integration between my iPhone and iPad and now my home desktop (iMac) and laptop (Macbook Air). Although I am slowly learning the Apple suite of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, I needed to be able to continue working more effectively in the software which I have been using. Office for Mac gives me the same programs without having to set up a virtual Windows environment on my Macs. I am just as productive as I was with my Windows computers and did not have to learn all this new Windows 8 stuff. I am now much more productive with my Mac devices than I ever was with Windows and when I learn the Apple productivity suite programs better I can use both the Apple and Microsoft productivity software to their individual best advantage.