Medical Specialist Group : Welcome to the Medical Specialist Group - The Medical Specialist Group provides the emergency and elective specialist medical services for the Bailiwick of Guernsey within the secondary health care framework of Guernsey and in partnership

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City: St Peter Port, Saint Peter Port

  • jokrrf - Great Looking CarseatI wanted this carseat as soon as I saw it; however, it was a bit too expensive. When I found this deal on Amazon I jumped on it. It must be said that I haven't used the carseat yet... My son is due in a week. But so far it looks great, nice fabric, & is sturdy. With my first child we had a Maxi Cosi & it was great, but went with Peg Perego this time because of side impact protection, which I hope never to test.
  • Stephanie Sullivan - A good desktop referenceWindows Server 2012 Inside Out covers just about every topic about Windows Server 2012. The book is the very comprehensive. With this it is also a MASSIVE physical book. The literal size and weight of the book is a great argument for the Kindle version. The kindle version is also less expensive. When the book weighs more than your laptop or tablet it's time to go kindle!

    I could end almost this review by saying William R. Stanek. I have been a fan of his windows books for years and his authorship alone speaks to the quality of information within the book and its useful organization.

    This is a reference, not a "learn visually" or really a beginners book at all. It has everything needed to get someone with windows workstation experience up to speed on Server 2012 or help someone who has worked with an older version of Windows Server like me. The Stanek books on Windows Server have been very helpful for me when I go outside the subset of server management in my comfort zone or things I do on a regular basis. It's a great reference for those tasks that fall off my skill set without frequent use.

    For people moving from older versions of Windows Server, you get coverage of hyperv and new features with Server 2012.

    With any book there will be things where more information might be needed or some specialized situations that are not covered. Such is the case even in a huge work like this one. By the time I'm in that far out in the weeds I'm searching Microsoft support and Microsoft Technet to get those details.

    As with all the inside out books the printing and binding are fine quality. The tactile nature of the paper is a pleasure. The illustration and screen grabs are all B&W/grayscale which is appropriate for this type of book. The weight of the book means I want to read it at a desk, not sitting on the Sofa. It's just too heavy! Like I said at the beginning, I think that is the best argument to get the Kindle version.
  • rnorton828 "rnorton828" - The one-star reviews reveal the true hatemongers.Having read all of the reviews for this book (including all of the one-star reviews), and having actually read the book itself (unlike most of the one-star reviewers), I am able to see who the true hatemongers here are. These are the people who attack any conservative author and his/her writings without having read any of their writings, and bash those of us who have read the book-- especially those of us who do agree with the authors--calling us idiots, know-nothings, Hannitoids, etc. They make fatuous remarks about Ms. Coutler's gender/sexuality. The fact that these people have to resort to such lame attacks shows they have nothing to stand on, but still feel the need to spout off incessantly and tell us that we're not only wrong, but stupid as well for agreeing with these authors and believing the way we do. "How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)" is a collection of many of Coulter's finest columns featuring the razor-sharp trademark Coulter wit as she tackles topics ranging from the war on terrorism to same-sex marriage to the Hollywood Left to Democratic presidential candidates trying to "out-liberal" each other during the primary season. "How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)" is another fascinating read from Ann Coulter, and I recommend it for conservatives, liberals AND moderates alike.