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  • Cynthia, AZ - Love, love love it!Great shampoo, a must have. Left hair silky soft, shiny, and smells nice for days. I do not remember when my hair ever looked this good. I am 50 with untreated hair, and the first day I used this, I kept finding myself in front of the mirror brushing my hair. Don't worry about the amount needed for use, I have long hair and I barely dented the bottle after first use. It does take longer to wash your hair, but it also gives you an excuse to relax in the tub. I let my hair dry naturally, and love it! Next time I will try with a blow dry. This is my second time using it and I can't wait till someone stops by so I can tell them to smell my hair! Finally a product worth it's wait in gold. Used product four times now and after the first use my hair stopped falling out. That alone would have sold me.
  • Julie A. Dawson "eFestival of Words Book Fair" - Like Goldilocks, I was looking for that "just right" fitI don't have a smart phone (my phone is pretty dumb). So my Kindle replaces a lot of the functionality a smartphone user has. I can check Twitter, Facebook, email, and play games on it. I don't like laptops. Most tablets are too expensive for what I want to do. The Kindle Fire is the perfect balance for me when it comes to replacing they functionality of those type of things. I still prefer my regular Kindle for reading, but I use my Fire for reading PDFs (I own a lot of roleplaying games in PDF formats with complicated layouts that don't convert nicely to mobi format), watching movies (mostly courtesy my Amazon Prime account), and as a virtual assistant when I am working on my computer and don't want to have to keep clicking back and forth between different tabs on my screen. I can have my research materials or reference sites up on my Kindle and continue to work normally on my computer.
  • RosieinStCloud - Quicken (Intuit) Never Disappoints!We have used Quicken for nearly 20 years. It has been extraordinarily helpful as we transitioned from one home to another, from one state to another and then into retirement. We have kept our budget, expenses, reports, tracked investments - you name it. We like the software changes implemented in this latest release. We can't imagine financial tracking without it! Over the years, we have recommended Quicken to friends and family alike.