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  • Wanda K - Must read for career women...and men.This is probably one of the most helpful books I have ever read. I wish I'd had the opportunity to read it when I was younger, but even though I am well into my career (I'm 51), Sheryl's observations and advice were still very relevant for me.

    Men, don't bypass Lean In because you think it's only for women. It is worth your time if you are a woman, work with women, manage women, or are raising future women.
  • Gisela Estrada - ExcellentMy gift for my son. He really love it. Now he wanted to buy the tec to transform the tablet into a lap top.
  • Will S "But Seriously Folks" - Quicken H&B 2013 R10 Upgrade from H&B 2010 went smoothlyI upgraded to Quicken Home & Business 2013 R10 from H&B 2010 on 2/1/13 and haven't had any problems in the ensuing two weeks. I'm quite happy with this product. Given the bad reports early on, I decided to wait for a more stable release, and R10 seems to be just that. No problems with it. No need to contact tech support. There have been no "Oh Shoot" moments. I can only hit the "That Was Easy" button for this one.

    The Sunset of Quicken 2010 institution downloads in spring 2013. I upgraded to continue to be able to download transactions from my accounts. Like virus scan annual subscriptions, I've come to accept this as the three-year subscription for using Quicken.

    Purchased and downloaded directly from quicken dot intuit dot com. At the time (1/31/12) it had a better deal than other retailers. It was $20 off ($89.99) and included Quicken Willmaker 2013. I also saw some coupons at the time, but this was still a better deal. Today I see Amazon price for H&B 2013 is $54.99, a great deal $35 less than I paid.

    Upgrading to Quicken H&B 2013 R10 from H&B 2010. With all the bad reports of problems early on in the 2013 release, I decided to wait a while, until the bugs were worked out. I'm glad I did. The download I purchased was H&B 2013 R10. Following my rule number 1, I made full backups of my computer and quicken files as a disaster recovery fall-back plan. Didn't need it. I followed the installation by the book and encountered no problems at all. It removed the old version, made a backup of my old data file and converted it to the new data file format. The whole upgrade process took maybe 30 minutes. Over the last two weeks, I've kept an eye out to be sure all my accounts and past transactions remain the same, and new ones are too. Happy to report everything looks complete and healthy. One minor knit-pick with H&B 2010 seems to have been fixed - automatic downloads from one institution (a credit union that has "challenge questions") have been working fine. With H&B 2010, I had to manually download from this institution. I will keep watching this institutions downloads over to see if the fix is permanent.

    What's new in H&B 2013 compared to H&B 2010? For me, I see only cosmetic improvements. One good item to note is that on my 8-year old laptop, Quicken 2013 speed is the same as 2010. Downloads seem to run more quickly. Since I don't close-out at year-end, my Quicken data file is about 35 MB now, containing transactions back to the mid-1990s, which makes it easy to lookup things, and I especially like to see the graphs of net worth improving over the years. I've used quicken since the 90s, upgrading every 2-3 years and have been happy with the features that I use: multiple account downloads, multiple investment tracking, small home business. Although there are a few quirks and improvements any software could use, Quicken is mainly solid and reliable for me. I've reviewed the alternatives (but haven't tried them) and their features look woefully sparse compared to Quicken. I won't be using the smartphone apps and won't be uploading to quicken online.

    All in all, Quicken H&B 2013 R10 is a good solid worthy product. I'd recommend it. Caveat: I'd also always recommend waiting a while before upgrading important software, especially software you rely on daily, like financial software. Let others work out the bugs and you'll have fewer issues. Your mileage may vary.
  • J. Lee "DCReviewer" - Very intense story told with great wisdom.Elizabeth has written a courageous book about her abduction. It amazed me that while she endured the many horrors,she held onto her faith to get through the many facets of journey and she was only fourteen years old. I feel her family all helped her to get through the ordeal with their love and care. It was a good read and I only wish all abducted and abused children could have such wonderful parents.
  • Ann "Ann" - Lots o funMy 2 month old son loves this toy and so does his mom. He has been playing with it since about 1 month and was grabbing at the toys the first time. It's hard to find a toy for them at this age but he is very interactive with this. He loves to look in the mirror and talks to himself and swings at the toys and of course kicks the piano he has done this since the first time. It is the only interactive toy he is interested in yet. He will watch the mobile. It gives mommy some time to do something and know he is entertained practicing hand eye coordination