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  • paulyballgame - First Time UserI have been looking for some new drink ideas for years and I truly believed that I had tried them all; water, coffee, orange juice, apple juice, other juice, other types of water, flavored coffee, ice name it. So imagine my surprise when I discovered Tuscan Whole Milk - thank you Amazon! I guess it was the packaging that initially drew my attention to it. Was the jug a gorgeous white or is this product actually that color? Solving that mystery alone made this purchase a winner. Spoiler Alert: THIS STUFF IS ACTUALLY WHITE!!!

    There were no directions on the packaging, so I was a little confused on how to properly use this product. After searching online for hours I discovered that the red cap on top actually screws off of the jug counter-clockwise (who thinks of these things?) I carefully unsrewed the red cap, but immediately ran into my next quandry; what do I do now? Back to the internet(please Tuscan add some directions to the packaging or at least include a manual of some type).

    Turns out the cut out on the jug isn't simply decorative, it's actually a handle (great idea guys!). While you cannot get both hands around the handle, believe me I tried, you can adequately control the jug by using 1 hand. The jug is quite heavy and the opening fairly wide, so I would not suggest trying to drink directly from the jug, I have 3 velvet vests at the dry cleaners who can attest to this! So I would recommend transferring the milk from the jug to some type of smaller receptacle. I went with an empty glass that I was storing in my cabinet, if you don't have one of these check on Amazon under "housewares" and you can probably find one.

    Once transferring the milk to my glass, it was time for the taste test. I sheepishly raised the glass to my lips and took a baby sip while holding my nose (I had no idea what to expect). It was glorious! I proceeded to drink the entire glass. Long story short, this was a great purchase and I have been telling all of my friends about Tuscan Whole Milk. It's so good I'm going to try to find other uses for this product other than simply drinking it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated guys!

    Please be on the lookout for my video review of Tuscan Whole Milk. I'm going to give my review, but also include some tips on how to work the red cap and handle. It should be a real time-saver for everybody.
  • j eaves - Works if you do it as explainedI live by this book now and it has changed my life forever. I had to change up the two protein heavy days by putting in some brown rice, even if just a little. My friend experienced terrible side effects on those days. A body builder told me that is how he eats and occasionally he has to put in some carbs to keep from being really tired, crabby and (for my part) confused. My thinking and response time was slower on those days. I was starving each time it was time to eat. My doctor changed it up for me, as I have been losing the amount shown and am in my second time through the process. It took off belly fat for me the first time through. I feel much better. Not having any bread is very hard at times but seems to be good for me. I read wheatbelly and grainbrain and think there isn't anything healthy about bread these days.
  • P. Borobia - Awesome bike at a great price!I purchased this bike after reading an online review and recommendation. I'm 38 yrs old and 190 lbs, so I wasn't sure if this was maybe too small a bike for me or if I was too old to ride a bmx again after over 20 years. It was not an issue at all! This is a quality bike at a really great price.

    Just a side note: I ordered the black color, but received the garnet/burgandy color. Once I saw the garnet color, I decided to keep what I received.