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  • C. Hull "supermom4" - Absolutely Outstanding. I needed this so much. And nobody paid me to say this.I purchased this program about 3 weeks ago. I am currently on audio lesson 5 of 7. I just love this program. It tells you real action steps to take with your kids. I am using this for my 5 year old son with ODD and my 12 year old stepdaughter. It has worked wonders with my son in just a short period. We just started with my stepdaughter and she is currently going through "the change-back" period, that period where the reality that we are going to hold her accountable for her behavior and no longer allow "divorce" to be an excuse for her misbehavior and she really wants us to change back to our old ways. I have highly recommended this program to all my friends and will continue to recommend it. The program is matter-of-fact, easy to understand and behavior and accountability focused. The push back you get from your kids at first is hard, but once you get through that the results are amazing. This program has vastly improved the relationship between myself and my son. He is now respectful and well-mannered and now that I don't have to constantly fight with him about his poor behavior and trying to get him to do what he is supposed to we have more time to enjoy things like reading and playing games together. I am not a paid reviewer. I am just a mom with 4 children, 1 with behavior problems from divorce and 1 with ODD and ADHD. This program seems to be targeted mostly for teens but it works for any age. I much rather apply these principles now with my 5 year old before he turned into a difficult teen.
  • Ashley Dohmann - Very InformativeI have found Emily Oster's book very well written, interesting, and informative. She has obviously done a lot of careful research, and has done a good job of objectively laying out the facts and options without offering a definitive opinion on most topics. Her whole point is to encourage expectant mothers to make informed, data-driven decisions, rather than relying on old wives tales or unsupported recommendations that limit women unnecessarily.

    Those who say that she is offering medical advice despite the fact that she is an economist rather than a medical professional have CLEARLY not read the book. She is an expert in her field, and that involves data-driven decision making, which is the topic explored in this book.
  • shakers - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10"This is a great little device for everything. You can get e-mail, facebook, do your banking online, do researching, it has games and all sorts of aps. I bought 2, one 7" for my 13 y/o granddaughter and one 10" for myself. Needless to say I ended up giving the 10" to my oldest granddaughter and then I had none. They have so much fun with them. They send each other great pictures and skyp back and forth. It also has baby games on some aps. It's clear screen makes it so easy to read. It is a well made tablet that you will be able to handle quit easily. I just got my 10" yesterday and soon I will be enjoying it as I can take it in any room and learn more new things everything. I now have my own at a very affordable price. I bought mine refurbished and I saved about $50.00.
  • JADJones - A nice SurpriseI have tested many different AntiVirus Software over the last 10 years. Some consume the majority of your system resources and clog your system with giving you little or no protection, where others partially clog and partially protect. Then there is the scanning. I have 3TB of files on my system, most AntiVirus software takes over 2 - 5 hours to scan, and I can not work on my computer at the same time. This one takes less than 2.5 minutes for a full scan. I have yet to find a product that works half as good as a Webroot product. I have used Webroot Spysweeper for five years and I insist my clients use it as well on the computer systems I build or fix for them. When Webroot asked me to Beta test this product I was willing because I felt confident in their products. It installs quickly and then quietly works in the background... so quietly that I actually forgot it was there, until one day it popped up informing me that it found something. Wow, I actually forgot it was there! Just yesterday I was unpacking an "extras" file from a software I had just purchased, and it popped up again telling me that it found a nasty and then gave me detailed step by step instructions, and then it scanned again in case there were any trace/pieces. From start to finish - including scan time - 3 minutes and problem solved. That impressed me, and I do not impress easily. Simply put, you can not buy better, efficient protection anywhere.