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  • J. Madonna - Works great as an e-reader, taking pictures, video and surfing the webThis review is for the ipad mini 16GB Wi-Fi in black

    I bought this ipad mini for a birthday present for my wife, she has one of the original nooks for reading digital books and an ipod G4 and she wanted a device that would eliminate having to use the nook and ipod, the ipad mini is the perfect solution for this! I was torn between getting the mini or the regular size ipad, I chose the mini because its about the same size as her nook, the ipad mini is thinner than the nook which we have now given to our 12 year old daughter for books she is required to read for school, we'll be giving the ipod to a less fortunate family that cannot afford one as my daughter has her own ipod.

    The Apple app for reading digital books (called ibooks) is actually better than the nook because books can be read in different orientations. ibooks supports PDF format and epub, epub displays the best as it has options to change the font size etc. Any books that come in PDF can be converted to epub (or other formats) for free on numerous converters found online.

    Game apps load much faster on the ipad and are much more enjoyable to play than on the ipod

    The wireless is much better on the ipad than on the ipod as the ipod kept disconnecting and reconnecting from the Internet on our home network, the ipad mini doesn't have this problem.

    Surfing the Internet is a breeze as well, my wife never used her ipod to surf the Internet, now that she has the ipad mini she surfs the web frequently.

    It takes great pictures and video which are then uploaded to FB.

    We'll be taking the ipad mini with us on a cruise and we'll see how it performs once connected to the wireless network on the ship, we'll be using it to check email etc, I'll be updating this review in regard to performance after the cruise.

    I have never used the standard size ipad so I cannot compare the mini to the standard ipad.
  • Paula L. Craig - A great read no matter how urban you areI first ran into this book when I was sharing a dorm room with two young women training to be health missionaries in South America. If you plan on going to any developing country in the near future, it is a must-read. I especially like the matter-of-fact treatment in the book of abortion and family planning. Abortion is not a good thing; but having women bear children they don't want and can't support is worse.

    While the authors don't mention it, this book also has more relevance than you might think to the problems of health care in the developed countries. We're so used to high tech medicine in the U.S. that we forget medicine is subject to a very steep curve of diminishing returns. Most of the benefits of modern medicine come from the first few dollars spent on people's health; precisely what is addressed in this book. For all the billions we spend on U.S. health care, sickness and death are still with us and always will be. Spending all that money doesn't necessarily translate into better or happier lives. We would be wise to keep this in mind when we are trying to rein in our out-of-control costs in Medicare and health insurance. This book also has something to teach the citizens of developed countries on the subject of faith healers, remedies for the common cold, dietary supplements with exaggerated claims of health benefits, and the like: don't waste your money.

    The book does have some weaknesses. For example, the authors emphasize that many rural village families have many children as a way of providing for their old age. I don't see how a large family can provide old age benefits to anyone if they are all starving together on a plot of land too small to support them.

    Overall, though, a great book.
  • Jeff D. - Portable work/gaming machineI pre-ordered the prime back in December and finally had it in my hands at the end of February. Now that enough time has passed I've decided to do a review.
    First to address the most common complaints
    Wifi: The wifi is not as strong as any of my laptops or even the wifi card on my desktop but its no worse then any other handheld device i have. I own a Dell streak, rooted Nook color, Motorola droid pro and Motorola Xprt. (Wife is sprint I'm on Verizon for work) All of them get the same signal except the nook color just looses all signal once I get across the house.

    Haven't used gps don't know why anyone would on a tablet especially a wifi only one.

    Haven't had any forced reboots or lockups

    The storage on this is great. Base line of 32 gigs will suffice for even hard core app users. For people that like to store movies on it you can get a 32 gig micro sd card which i did and store them on there. Also with the dock (which should almost just be a requirement its that good)you can add up to a 128gb sd card which i got a class 10 32 gig one on sale for $22. That's 96 gigs of storage not even counting the flash drives and external drives you could use with the usb port.

    Last and my favorite is gaming. Games are smooth and look great and for more fun get a blue-tooth controller (in my case ps3 controller) and get a cheap micro hdmi to hdmi cable and play games on your tv. Nothing like playing retro rpgs on your tv then walking away and still continue playing. Its like xbox live arcade on steroids.

    Overall this was the best $500 (plus $150) I have ever spent.
  • CarrieKA "CarrieKA" - Chose instead of City Mini GT!I spent many hours reading reviews, scanning the internet, visiting stores to find the right stroller because this was the last stroller I was going to buy. I have (had) a Sit & Stand which in my opinion is a silly invention and I have 2 light weight compact singles (which I love.) I had a big list demands. I needed light weight; which is a relative term since this is a double stroller and I don't want to compromise durability for a few less ounces, easy to fold & store, good storage and longevity. Compared to the City Mini GT that costs about $200 more I think the Britax B-Agile is a much better buy.
    1. The storage is accessible and very large. The City Mini has a tiny bin that I couldn't get my diaper bag into even when I took EVERYTHING out.
    2. Closing and locking the B-Agile is a snap. You just click and pull, that simple. The City Mini requires a bunch of steps that I'm told take practice.
    3. The accessories by either Britax or another brand are reasonably priced where City Mini seems to get you on that one.
    4. The canopy seemed to fold more smoothly and have more stopping points. Through the day I could dial back the shady as the sun set.

    Now I know the City Mini has more head & shoulder room but I really couldn't see where since the canopy was covering it up. I put the strollers side by side and also noticed that the Britax had deeper leg room. The area in which the child's calf to heel rested was deeper so their foot actually had something to rest on where on the City Mini it was virtually non-existent.

    I know a lot of people are concerned about getting the stroller into their but nobody addressed SUVs. I have a Durango with a 3rd row. I like to keep my stroller in the car all the time so if I need it, it's there. With the Sit & Stand I had to put the 3rd row down which defeated the purpose of having an extra row. I can put the Britax behind the 3rd row and still have room on either side for a few shopping bags. Now when I go shopping with my sisters and my twins (who are still in rear facing car seats) we can all pack into just 1 car!