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  • momamour - Absolutely worth it!I read the reviews on this product after looking for a healthy, organic meal replacement drink and decided to nervously purchase this. I have suffered from ulcers and slow gastric emptying for years. I knew I needed a meal replacement drink to help supplement calories for days that my body just cannot handle solid foods. After reading so many reviews on the taste, I wasn't sure if it would be money wasted yet again. My biggest concern was the taste and if I would be even able to keep this baby down.

    Well, I can happily say that I have been on this product for 1 week now with amazing results. Within the first day, the pain from my ulcer and acid reflux was gone. Literally, I haven't had any stomach pain or reflux at all since drinking this. This product did in one day what 5 years of being on 80mg of Nexxium could not do. Crazy!! My gut is emptying - I don't have that "stuck" feeling anymore, and I can tell because I have been using the bathroom everyday like a ritual. I even saw the doctor this week and he said I could cut my stomach meds back to 1/2 if I chose. I attribute this to all the enzymes in the product. I feel good, my skin is clear and I can think clearly because I am getting all the nutrients I need. Seriously, this product is that good.

    The taste is pretty good if you are used to that "organic" style of taste. I blend my two scoops of powder with a glass of organic unfiltered apple juice and sometimes half a glass of Lifeway raspberry keifer. It is delicious!! Sometimes it is grainy at the bottom so I just throw in a bit more apple juice and swallow it down. Not bad at all!

    I usually have one in the morning for breakfast and another before bed to help with my digestion and prevent reflux at night.
    I never write reviews here. But this time I was compelled. I know I will be with this product for a long time.
  • Aaron Brown - Good history, excellent analysisBalko provides a thorough overview of the history of militarization in America's police forces and a compelling analysis of the root cause for many of the worst abuses of the drug war. Highly recommended.
  • John in Texas - Good, Honest SystemHave now operated this Bose Solo system for over a week. Yep, might be a tad pricey.....but I have used other Bose equipment, over many years, and they hold up well. This "Solo" is set up in a moderate to large room, the sound is very good. This little box does exactly what it says it will do, enhance the quality of a big screen TV.....period!!!! Easy to set up, took 5 minutes to plug in the power and optical cords....that is it! This is installed in a motorcycle Clubhouse, with much background noise! Darn good machine. Bandido MC Tested.....Bandido MC Tough
  • Meg Cox "journalist/author/quilter" - If you only read one book about Katrina, make it this.This book is a magnificent piece of journalism and truth-telling. Eggers doesn't write in florid prose, making you marvel at a turn of phrase or the journalistic contortions he went through to get his story. It flows so smoothly and you can't put it down.
    I think this is a major work: I agree with the NY Times lead review this past weekend that said that in 50 years, when people are trying to make sense of what happened during this crisis, Zeitoun is one of the few books they'll turn to.
    I also highly recommend Eggers' book "What is the What," a novelized version of the life of a "Lost Boy" from the war in Sudan but I'm not such a fan of his novel "They Shall Know Our Velocity."
  • pink lady - QB is my hope for retirement!After starting a small business with our daughter last year, I became the one responsible for the "books" and I used QB for the first time. After some suggestions from our tax accountant, I found it to be an extremely useful program. As my daughter has a Mac, I bought a new Mac and have switched to the new QB, so I can teach her to do her own books and I can step down.