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  • Dietrich H. Hertel "I need new stuff." - Changed my life.

    I have the Lowe's exclusive version of this grill. The only difference is it says: "Commercial Series" on the lid. Costco carries an exclusive all stainless version. The internal and functional parts are all the same on these three models.

    The Infrared Technology is awesome. I've had mine for about 18 months so far. I'm on my third bottle of propane. I like to use it several times a week.

    Cleaning is a snap. The people that said otherwise are the ones that didn't read the instructions and season the grates before the first use. My cleaning routine is really simple. I take the food off. I take the food inside. The meat rests. I go back out and hit the grill with the brush. Only takes 30 seconds. I turn the grill off. Then the meat has rested and it's ready for serving or cutting. Then later I'll spray some oil on the grates, maybe once a week. Anything that falls through the grill to the IR grates is vaporized. Once every month or two I'll empty the ashes out of the IR grates. On start-up I'll let any residue from the previous session and the oil burn off while it gets to operating temp.

    Temperature regulation is unsurpassed. Since the temp gauges are under the IR grates they are very accurate. The front four inches run a little cooler than the rest of the grill. On a few occasions I've cooked whole meals on it with no problems. I seared a three pound roast on it then put it in a stock pot and slow cooked it with vegetables for three hours at 300 degrees. I've slow cooked a few pork roasts on it. My favorite is to put a dry rub on a Santa Anna steak and slow cook it for about two hours.

    I even cooked rice a roni on it while I was slow cooking a pork roast. A lot of times when I cook at low temps I only need to turn on one burner and even then only at 25%. In the summer here in AZ I heat it up and then turn it down to half. The gauges stay up all the way.

    The electronic ignition has worked flawlessly. Still on the first battery. When I take the IR grates off to dump them the firebox is pristine but a little ashy. Nothing gets down in there. It has a trap for grease but after grilling a dozen burgers it's still empty. The flare ups happen in the firebox below the IR grates. I love flipping the burgers and watching the grease go down and make lots of flames but they don't come up!

    It's not a burner but I'll put pots on it just the same. You could probably do some canning on it too.

    The only thing to note is that the sides of the firebox (where the shelves are attached) get very hot. Don't touch it there.

  • Sandra L. Hasaan - The Kindle Fire HD 7" 32gb, the best for kids, peace of mind for adults

    I bought this tablet for my son. It is excellent. I received the product in brand new condition. The pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend buying refurbished or used from Amazon. This is the second tablet I have bought from them used, and the tablets arrive in new condition. There are no scratches, dents, or any other imperfections. The screen is beautiful. The interface is very kid friendly. The 32gb version of this product gives plenty of space for personal files as well as amazon files. I also like the parent protection software to prevent unauthorized purchases. All of my son's books are now on his Kindle. We no longer keep or buy print books. It is excellent for the environment and we can have our entire library every where we go!

  • Zanjero - Amazing when you add frozen fruit!

    The ingredients are phenomenal! I thought I was man enough to handle the taste but I wasn't. So based on recommendations I read on here I put it in a blender with a little bit of organic frozen blueberries, organic frozen strawberries and frozen banana, and what a difference! I went from dreading drinking it to enjoying it so much that I was actually spooning out the sides of the glass when it was gone. That's the way to go baby!

  • spinnindjs - Whats your smile worth to you...

    It takes about 5 more minutes at brushing...
    Takes up space on the counter...
    Other than that, it's great. When I first used it I had already brushed using an electric oral b, I know you should floss first then brush. Anyhow, (sorry to be gross) after brushing this thing still pushed particles out. So far I believe in the Hydro Floss, we'll see what the dentist has to say in April.