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  • losgusanos - very cleaver in every angle..My girlfriend and myself were out with 2 people I have never met before. She said to me, there is a book for you to read. I saw the title "porn for women" smiled, and didn't look inside.
    Later she said "it isn't what you think", before I knew it I was laughing so hard.
    This is tastefully done, actually even showed it to my mother.
    Can't wait to show it to the nurses at work.
    The biography's made me laugh so hard also, since they are obviously made up ones.
    I am sure there are all sorts of comments to the negative about this book. Sure, some of us men cook ( I do ) some are romantic (I am) and some things I wouldn't suggest like the figure skating.
    The bottom line is, it is a good laugh, and tastefully done, and extremely cleaver.
    If we all left politics at the door on this one, we would have 10 min of laughs.
  • Liam Sargent - Simply the best Android tablet in existence.I pre-ordered my Prime 11/24 from TigerDirect and received it on 1/4.

    First impressions:
    Very nice packaging, just big enough to fit the tablet's surface area, with a very solid construction to it. I had no fear of shipping damage after I held the box in my hands. Inside was 10.1 inches of widescreen gadget glory, and a few accessories, (Charger, USB cable, microfiber cloth, manual)

    Tablet was heavier than I imagined, but had a GREAT feel to it. Mind-blowingly thin. The back of the device has a nice matte feel due to the anodized brushed aluminum surface. It is a pleasure to hold in both hands, and absolutely is nice to look at. It is a little bit heavy when holding with just one hand, but that is to be expected with 10.1 inch tablets. The edges are a little sharp, not annoyingly so, but definitely noticable. The finish on the back is a very dark grayish-purple. Yes, purple, but not immasculine. Its a great color for the device, absolutely no complaints on style.

    This thing is gorgeous. The pixel density is just right for this size device, and reading web pages is an easy process. The contrast is fantastic for an LCD, and the colors absolutely pop. I'm no display expert, but I know for certain this is the best display I have ever seen on a tablet, smartphone, netbook, and 99% of laptops. It can get obscenely bright in "Super IPS" mode, which is great for using outdoors, which was once no-mans-land for LCD displays.

    It is running Android 3.2.1 Honeycomb. Just that sentence alone will give you some insight on the UI's look and feel and responsiveness. I like the look and layout of Honeycomb, but the optimization and snappyness is subpar. Of course I will attribute this purely to the sluggish mess that is Android Honeycomb, and not to the blazing fast quad-core monster inside of the deivce. The included Asus UI is great, I have no complaints about any of the menu layouts or widgets etc, in fact, it is very nice to look at. Props to Asus for making a smart, sensible UI layer that anyone can use. The included cloud storage, "Webshare" or something of the sort is nice to have, but I will probably stick to dropbox for my cloud storage. Asus includes remote desktop software that works flawlessly, and a DLNA streaming app that I find intuitive and well executed.
    Honestly, any software problems or sluggishness will be addressed with ICS on January 12th, so I am not worried about it for now.

    Holy crap.
    This machine is fast. It absolutely slaughters every other device in EVERY benchmark. Well done, NVIDIA, this Tegra 3 chip is a phenom. The performance is most apparent in gaming, when all four cores are working to their full potential. Games have that extra layer of realism that really makes the difference between mobile gaming, and real, console quality stuff.
    One spec I did not realize was included in this machine is the ability to play games in real, stereoscopic 3d when connected to a 3DTV. I played Riptide GP in 3d, and Shadowgun in 3d as well on my 50 inch samsung plasma, and I was floored! Definitely a huge statement to the performance of this machine. Well done, everyone.
    Really no more needs to be said about this device's performance other than "its fast. really fast."

    Cameras on tablets look ridiculous. This is true with any tablet. One cannot pull out a 10.1 tab and casually snap a few shots. The whole thing is a rather hilarious affair. Otherwise, the Cameras on the TF201 are absolutely top notch. Video is clear and smooth in 1080p, and still shots look better than my point'n'shoot. The webcam works great for skype. Good work team.

    Video playback
    Flawless with MX Video Player. 1080p30 on a 50 inch plasma is fantastic. No complaints, and no more needs to be said. It just works.

    And now for the bad.
    The GPS issue is a well documented problem. There are ons of explanations for why the GPS is not as accurate as one would hope. Basically, Asus missed a key design point here. The aluminum construction blocks radio waves in a big way. It is a simple fix that could have been prevented by Asus when designing the thing.
    Wifi performance is also affected, though less noticably. The range is not as good as my thinkpad's. Not a dealbreaker, but it is a rather glaring oversight.

    EDIT: (Lighthearted sarcasm alert)

    Who uses a tablet without 3G for GPS anyways? I mean cmon guys. Its a wifi tablet. Using this as a nav system in my car would give me a good chuckle, and really nothing else.
    Ignore the one-star whiners that don't even own the thing. It is hands-down, the best device on the market.
  • JASON - More then expected.The room i have this placed is about 15x25. And the sound from this is absolutely perfect. For a 8" woofer you wouldn't expect alot boom and rumble, but it delivers. Keeping in mind it is a 8" , if you're looking to rattle some windows and irritate your neighbors this is not the sub for you. But for good sound, good price, and small easy to place enclosure then this is perfect.
    Also, it dose come with the sub to receiver cable. I had pre-purchased one, and promptly returned it.
  • Trina - Great Pice And A Great Product!!!I got a tablet for my birthday and wanted a sd card for it and so I wanted to find something that I could afford, as well as something that had a lot of memory. As soon as I received the card, I put it in and was able to download apps for my tablet and it went straight to my memory card. When I read other reviews I was a little unsure but with Amazon's return policy, I thought why not? I had nothing to loose and bought it. I have never regretted it. I defiantly recommend this memory card; it works and it's a great price!!
  • CT customer - Norton Internet Security 2012 - 3 user downloadI bought the 3-user Norton Internet Security for my laptop, as well as my fiance's. I have used Norton Security for years and have always been satisfied. The only issue I found was the amount of time to download the software, as well as the number of steps it took to complete the download process. Perhaps I missed something, as I do tend to rush through things. Regardless, I would recommend this product and will be purchasing Norton products again in the future.