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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Digger110 - Outstanding ClassicThis album and this group has plenty of reviews, accolades, awards and fans to not really need a 5 star rating from me or anyone else. If you're a fan of music, whether it be classical, rock, metal or punk, Pink Floyd has at least once crossed into your realm of listening. Their album, 'Dark Side of the Moon', spent years on the charts and has spawned many stories about playing it along side the movie 'Wizard of Oz'. This album, 'The Wall', is a continuation of this band's magnificent writing style put forth in an operatic forum that rolls effortlessly from one track to the next. My little review here will not change the fact that this album should be placed in any one's top 100 count of all time 'must have' or great rock albums alongside other classics from Led Zeppelin, Blind Faith, Cream, The Rolling Stones and the Beatles. I own the live performance version of this album also and enjoy listening to both on a regular basis. Alongside other classic albums of theirs, such as 'Animals' and 'Wish You Were Here', and the aforementioned 'Dark Side', and lesser known but still great listening albums such as 'Ummagumma' and 'Meddle', this band always delivers superb melodies and haunting lyrics that make them one of the greatest bands ever in rock history. Buy their music, listen to it and enjoy the ride.
  • Terry A. Eller "Terry" - TRIED & TRUEEnsure Plus has been my primary source of nutrition for five years now following mouth cancer surgery. I still have a PEG tube, but fortunately am able to drink my nutrition. I have tried every liquid supplement on the market. I still do not tire of my favorite, vanilla. Their chocolate is also the best chocolate on the market. The creaminess and the depth of flavoring cannot be beat. Try freezing in ice cube trays, then blending with a couple of real ice cubes in a blender for a terrific "milkshake." By still having a PEG tube, this is a bonafide prescription which is delivered to my home monthly.
  • Chris Underwood - Better than any review could possibly indicateAfter reading the other reviews of the Hutzler 571, I was cautiously optimistic that this could be one of the finest pieces of kitchen equipment I may ever own. I'm here to tell you, it's true. From concept, through design and execution, the Hutzler 571 stands head and shoulders above the competition. Its functionality is beyond reproach. If you only buy one thing for your kitchen, make certain it is the Hutzler 571 - you won't be sorry.
  • Abhisheke - My baby loves this gym!My baby has been playing in this gym since he was 2 months old. He is now a super active 7 month old and he still loves it. He likes playing the piano while looking at the lights, chewing the teether toys and these days even enjoys looking at his reflection in the mirror. This gym is a winner!
  • my39ron - I'm soo... in love with this timepiece!For starters I've been in LOVE with the baby sense 1st sight. Its much bigger in persons I was blown away just off sight. The only problem I thought I would have was the length of the bands. It's not as long as it should be with a watch this huge but it will do. Another thing nice timepiece but not worth $295. I waited till it dropped. It took bout a year but it finally drop to a reasonable $225. Great watch but I didnt think it was worth $300. Esp with it having little water resistance & the band being as short as it is. If you have a wrist bigger then an 8'inches I suggest you get a longer band. Outside of that this Beast is a dream come true. The biggest in my collection & I have alot of big face watches.