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  • TibblesMcginny - Two fruits enter, one fruit leavesI've been a proud owner of my Hutzler banana slicer for almost a year now. Needless to say, after 11 monthes of banana slicing, a man can get cocky. So, I thought why not try the banana slicer on a more robust foodstuff and immediately set my sights on a zuccinni. Well, to make a long story short,I lost a couple pints of blood and almost half of my right big toe but my resolved is strong. The doctor said I can go home tommorow so I'll be trying again with a once I get a hold of a welder's mask and a couple cans of WD-40.
  • Elizabeth Cardona, USA Army - Can't be without it!I am studying for a laboratory specialist in the US Army now. While growing up, my mother many times cured me with this book ...this was our family doctor we have a very old copy and I am so happy to find this again... I have learned so much in this book and must say that this book is extremly valuable.
  • RICHARD - NORTON ANTIVIRUS 2012I never had a problem since I loaded this new anti virus into my PC.Only nagging thing is I still get an email occasionally from Norton also, telling me to renew my subscription thru online. I bought a CD thru amazon & loaded it myself. There seems to be a disconnect, Norton not recognizing that I already reloaded a new updated version but not thru online.