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  • Pan Review - So Far So GoodI have had the two smaller pans and the knife for over a month. So far, I am very pleased. I made sure I did the seasoning properly and nothing has stuck yet. I can make a dish, rinse and wipe and move on to the next thing I want to make. The knife has been great. I can finally slice tomatoes without making moosh out of them. Perfectly thin slices for sandwiches. Cuts everything without difficulty so far. I will be purchasing additional pieces to the cookware set to see how they are.
  • Michelle Parker - Truly a blessingWe tried many over the counter and prescription products for my son's acne. None worked as well as the Exposed Skin care acne treatment basic kit. His skin was clear in a few weeks and continues to use the product daily with great results. We like to gentle combination of conventional and homeopathic medicines we found in this product.This product is truly a blessing.
  • Gail Simmons - To all Billy Crystal FansThis was a very entertaining read. His descriptions of dealing with an aging body made me laugh out loud!
    He also gives more details about his work through the years and a closer look at his personal life.
    I felt, throughout the book, that I was having a conversation with a man I have admired for many years!
  • NoelleR - Great stroller for on the go lifestyleAfter looking into a few models from Mountain Buggy, this one was my choice for the light weight. Needed something for public transportation as well as a quick load into the family wagon. Still sturdy though, very solid and feels well built when pushing and folding. Been through a few cheap strollers where I worried the frame wasn't built very well as some shake and just feel loose. Another big seller for me was the ability to pair up with car seat of my choice and not be limited to only one brand of car seat and stroller.
  • Elphaba Roe "missmommy" - No excuses ever againI love this game! It is the reason I bought an Xbox and Kinect. I read about it and couldn't wait to try it out. It's been worth every cent. I haven't tried all the workouts yet (there are so many!), but I've enjoyed everything I've tried, and I definitely get a workout from everything. The day after I first tried "Wall Breaker," my back was so sore! It was awesome! There is something for everybody in this game: sports, dancing, cardio, weights (you'll need your own), yoga, and more! My family ranges in age from 31 to 2, and we all love it (my 2-year old is too short to control the game, as far as choosing options, etc, but once he's in a game the Kinect sees him). I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to work out! I am now alternating days between Your Shape and running outdoors (C25K). Love them both!