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  • Mr. M - A very welcome addition to my collection!I consider myself somewhat of an amateur gourmet cook. I have been cooking for nearly 60 years. I have every kitchen gadget you can think of along with many different types of fry pans. I have stainless steel, T-fal, Caliphon and cast iron. My T-fal were getting a bet raunchy, so about a month ago I decided to purchase two "OrGREENiC" fry pans. I followed the instructions regarding curing the pans [which BTW, you should also do with your cast iron and T-fal] and was pleasantly surprised after using them for the first time.

    Then, I went on-line hoping to find a larger pan. It was then that I read numerous negative reports about this cookware. I was shocked. Either these people do not know how to cook or do not follow proper cooking methods or instructions. I never cook on very high heat unless it is called for. I warm the pan first, add whatever cooking medium that I am using [oil, Pam, butter, etc} and that is it. Simple! My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with bacon, ham, American cheese and Swiss cheese. In my T-fal pans, the cheese would stick and make a mess to clean. BUT, NOT with my new OrGREENiC pans. When I am finished, I let the pan cool, I wipe it dry with a paper towel and then clean it with a sponge and liquid soap.

    Bottom line, I LIKE my new fry pans and I will most definitely purchase a larger pan if one is available. I don't know what advice to give these negative reviewers except to say "STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!" Respectfully, Mr. M
  • darvin - Good for tonsil stonesMy ENT recommended this product as an alternative to getting my tonsils removed due to do constant tonsil stones. However, I waited two years before I tried it, and that was only after I read all of the reviews. I wish I had tried this two years ago! This mouthwash has significantly reduced my tonsil stones! I rinse (mostly gargling) for 1-2 min. morning and night, but use nowhere near the amount suggested - I use maybe a third of the amount and it is plenty. I notice that when I start to slack on my regimen, I get a tonsil stone, so this really tells me that it's working. And the fresh breath is just a great bonus; I no longer worry about the stones causing foul odors. I just have a nice, clean taste in my mouth, pretty much all day. Not really minty, just clean. I've gotten my husband to use it too, and his coffee breath goes away after he uses it. I also feel that price here is a good one; I saw this mouthwash at a major drugstore for a lot more money. I definitely recommend!
  • Rhonda Murphy - Great for the Recovering CeliacAt the recommendation of my gastroenterologist, I have been taking align following my Celiac Disease diagnosis. Now that I am fully in remission, I continue to take it for its protective effects. After years of Celiac-induced small intestine damage, it is a relief to have a product that helps protect as well as retain good intestinal health. I high recommend it.
  • Diane Owens Prettyman "novelist" - The Literary Version of People MagazineJess Walter skillfully weaves the story of an aspiring actress during the sixties with a current day Hollywood agent. The peek into the filming of Cleopatra and the steamy love affair of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor adds an intriguing voyeuristic and scandal magazine feel to this beautifully written literary novel. Walter's prose transports readers to an insider view of Hollywood at its worst and Italy at its best. Through lush language, an ensemble cast, artful dialogue, and a clever and intricate plot, Walter has created a masterpiece.
    Thin Places