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  • LarryInFortLauderdaleFL - Great performance improvement! Easy to install!

    My partner's 2 year old laptop seemed ridiculously slow and he was complaining from time to time. I started wondering if he could benefit from a re-install of Windows or perhaps needed to replace what might be a failing hard drive. Also, he had been mentioning that he'd love to have more space on his hard drive. Rather then spend to much time trying to diagnose the specific problem, I decided to take care of all three issues with a new, larger drive on which I'd do a Windows re-install.

    In the past, I've had good luck ordering RAM directly from Crucial, so I went to their website to find out which SSD would be appropriate for his Toshiba. Once I found out, I ordered from Amazon to get a better price, and take advantage of our "Prime" membership and get overnight shipping for a small cost.

    I'm relatively comfortable with this stuff but I am no expert, so I do get nervous about the hardware installation, especially since I had not done a hard drive upgrade on this particular brand of machine (Toshiba). However, it couldn't have been easier! Just a couple of screws, and then I just slid out the old one, and slid in the new. I installed Windows from scratch and followed that with the installation of his programs, and then restoring all his files. These latter steps are time consuming, but I do not find them difficult.

    What a difference! Boot up times are so much faster, and everything just seems so much quicker. While a "regular" hard drive would have been a lot less expensive, this experience (along with past experience) has confirmed my belief that SSDs are worth the cost.

  • Lynn - Disneyworld Review Books on Tablet??

    Love the books; however would be so helpful if they were sold on tablet for ease when visiting at Disney. Do they have plans in the near future to do this on Tablet???