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  • Adam C. Murtland "srvwannabe" - Amazing concert! How to improve video quality: Lower blacks on TV!The best yet! I love all the Crossroads videos. They're always the best collection of blues players gathered in one place. This one features so many of my favorite artists!!

    **TIP** I've seen several reviewers remark about the video quality on this Blu-Ray. There definitely is too much digital pattern noise in the shadow regions of the video. BUT if you can adjust your picture settings of your TV, set it to the "Movie" setting or any setting that lowers the black levels. That got rid of the issue for me and made the video a joy to watch!!
  • Illinois buyer - the answer to my prayersI have battled IBS for years and tried many products (even prescription meds), none of which really helped. I decided to try one more thing and this product has turned out to be the answer to my prayers. Finally I can live a normal life without worrying about needing to find a bathroom immediately after eating. I take this probiotic faithfully every day and I will continue to do so. Thank you, Philips!
  • hmk123 - Great Reference BookWe got this book about a year ago and have found it so valuable. It contains information on lots of different things that you need to know about having a baby - feeding, safety, etc. This is my "go to" book. I am looking forward to getting the next in the series for Toddlers. Also we liked it so much we just got a copy for our friends who were expecting.
  • Par Linder - Great initial book to guide you as an entrepreneurIt is good written, structured, easy to understand and helps you formalize your company's strategy in the initial phase. I have only read the first part describing how to create a ZAG for a new business. The other part guiding your through the steps to redesign your ZAG I can't say anything about yet.