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  • Jonathan D. Mcdade - An experience rivaling heaven itselfFirst of all no, $499 is NOT too much to spend for a cable, let alone a intricately crafted and flawless piece of perfection. I don't have this cable personally, but pitched in on a group-buy and we're currently sharing possession, taking turns. My buddy Raulo has it right now. We've laid Himalayan silk (woven in the dark by ancient enlightened Tibetan monks, lest the precious threads lose their purity...don't worry about the cost, it's worth it) atop priceless Persian pillows along the cable's path. For fear of any disturbance, both his kids and pets live outside in the pop-up camper while he has the cable. All furniture is removed from the room, the air vents are closed to minimize dust movement and create a more pure atmosphere for audio-perfection. We have silk booties we slip over our shoes as we don friction-free smocks. That's when we start feeling the giddy anticipation of the first note. Hitting that play button is... well, it's indescribable.

    All of this may seem to be a bit over the top, but once those sweet, sweet decibels emanate righteously through his speakers and penetrate your eardrums, over and over again, the sound waves of pleasure and joy fill your soul to nigh overflowing. Color itself seems to be a physical manifestation of emotion, a spectrum of intensity! 4 more days and it becomes my turn to use the cable.

    4 more days.

    Whip out your credit card and by this S.O.B. -- you'll regret it forever if you don't.
  • Puppydog58 "Sue" - This is WonderfulI have IBS and severe constipation, after using Align, I am feeling much better, I think is medication is WONDERFUL!
  • W. Fouse - Literally unbelievable!I usually go to the one star reviews first here on amazon and here is a case where I am glad I did! I saw one of the few "people" that had a problem with this amazing product admitted in their review that he/she/it was actually a banana him/her/itself(Artsyfartsygyrl)! That did it for me! I bought one of these and can tell all you skeptics out there, they work great! My wife also suggested it could be used as a gag gift, which confused me at first. Then I filed down the edges so they were razor sharp and asked her to go slice me some bananas! Oh man! Now I know where they came up with the term "gag gift!" I had to gag her with a sock to stop the screaming!
  • Shivani Ram - Love this planner!I bought this late 2011. I absolutely love this planner. The paper is smooth & glossy, ink does not bleed through. Lightweight & easy to carry around. The illustrations & quotes are beautifully done. Quite liked the bold colors used.
    People always ask where I got my planner. Can't wait for the 2013 planner!