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  • Andy R. Gomez - If You Are A Single Guy And Shy... Buy This BookThis has always happened to me. I walk in to a night club and find myself around hundreds of girls but I walk away with no one at the end. "Secrets of the A Game: How to Meet and Attract Women..." will for real change this, it did for me. There are so many good pointers on how to get a girl and to break away from the old habits of shyness and self conscience.
    The book is easy to read, understandable if you are a guy like me, and helpful. I've change my personality, way I dress up, and I know what women want now. I do suggest you get this book, read it and I am sure you will enjoy it but at the same time learn so much.
  • S. R. Keegan "srkeegan" - Perfect for Foreclosure Notices and Job Rejection Letters!I now live in Reno, Nevada, where half the homes are under water and about a quarter of my neighbors have lost their homes. I recommend this binder to store all the threatening letters they get from creditors and to keep track of all their foreclosure notices, so they know when the Reno Police Department will show up on their door and make them move.

    I also recommended it to my sister, who has been out of work for the past three years. She likes to store the rejection letters she gets on a weekly basis. It also helps her keep track of the anti-depression medications she has had to be put on so she won't kill herself. Since suicide is up 25% over the past two years, we have been very concerned about her.

    It has absolutely helped with the real problems she faces. Not so much the manufactured ones.
  • Sapphire Guenther - 50 Shades of Gray: OH. MY. GOD.This...I....oh my god...This book is fanTASTIC! It's got a great plot line, and isn't all just sex. Yes, there is a LOT of sex written, but it's not cheesy or misplaced, and there is an actual plot line to this book! I'm very excited to read the rest of the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

    Now, to figure out how to look at Seattle again without blushing...
  • W. Laughlin "willbo1" - Reliable Back UpI have use Acronis True Image 2010, until I upgraded to Windows 8. It performed very well on my primary PC, with files I can't afford to lose. We now have several computers, including a new laptop for my wife's business, so now was the best time to upgrade.

    It's nice to see the features I used in the 2010 version, are still here in 2013, and work exactly as I expect them to do.
    I haven't seen the problems that a few other have reported at all. My twice a month backups are safely stored on my external 2TB hard drive, ready if I should need them. It checks for updates at each start up, so that you have the most current version.

    I haven't had to contact their customer support, so I really can't comment on that at this time.
    Overall, I am pleased with this back up software and would recommend it to both family and friends.