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  • R&L-Mom - Some improvement.I had been using the 2009 version, whicth I did like. Bought the new program to load onto a new computer with Windows 8. I'm on a learning curve for Windows 8 and this newfangled QuickBooks, but I'm liking it. Others gave some less than rosy reviews but so far I'm really liking this. I do the books for a business, and this makes finding certain things easier (like how to change the look of your invoices). All the old version's convenience, but has the new look that fits today's computer operating systems. One complaint -- you can't change the display look in any adequate way. Interface in registers is hard on the eyes because of small font on bright background. Color scheme changes only work for frame edges, not inside the register itself, so no help there. Want to change the font size in the display? Well, too bad -- can't do that without changing your screen resolution in Windows (which means the change is universal and not unique to QB). Disappointed with these issues.... Maybe an free update will address the issue (I hope).
  • christopher charles - Nice!!I love this tablet I just got it and I already fell in love with this..lol but if u like big get this
  • Gabriel Cortez - Hardcore UFC Fan's Must Have!If you are a UFC fan then I highly recommed you buy this product. It is a step up from last years collection with all of the DVDs being in Chronological Order. That way you dont have to keep checking which event came next and can just watch them all in a row. Some of the Best events from the UFC this year are on it, with a mixture of some of the best KO's and the best Submissions!
  • Taylor - Ordering a 2nd gardenI am very happy with this garden so happy I am ordering a 2nd one. I planted salad greens just a week ago and the plants are growing so quick you can see the difference each day. I work a day time job so I have the light come on about the time I get home and stay on all night - that way it is almost like a second lamp and I can look and admire my plants as much as I want. It is fun watching them grow and I can't wait to harvest them. The salad green kit said that you can start harvesting in about 2.5 weeks, and at the rate these plants are growing I believe that to be true. I have tried growing fruits and vegatables indoors before but I never had much luck. The thought of being able to eat freshly picked food is enough to make me buy another garden. I can't wait for them to come out with the Strawberry seed pods (I will probably need a 3rd garden then).

    I now had my first salad with the salad greens; it was so good I made a 2nd larger salad. I am very happy with this garden.