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  • Erica Stephan - Where There Is No Health Insurance

    I bought this book for traveling in Latin America but upon returning home have nicknamed my copy "Where There Is No Health Insurance". It's readable and specific (no medical euphemisms) and doesn't take the usual home health manual tack of "if you suffer anything more than a paper cut, you must go immediately to a Licensed Professional who will charge you $500 to recommend rest and fluids." My advice to the uninsured is to read this book CAREFULLY from cover to cover, then go to Mexico and stock up on basic antibiotics, etc that are available over the counter there. You will no longer have to choose between ignoring your health problems and incurring massive debt (and people claim this book is not relevant to the US!)

  • AH "Research Mama" - This is a way of life that is ahead of it's time

    After 2 years of this diet as a way of life in my family of six, I can tell you that this diet is undoubtedly ahead of it's time. There is no need for detox when you live like this! The wide array of ailments that this diet addressed in my house was proof enough for me and my crew that there is something really off with the standard American diet. I have tried in my weaker moments to cheat on this diet and each time, my body insists that I drift back to SCD. Once you live healthy and eat right like this your body runs like a machine. I sleep better, function better, think clearer. It really makes me wonder what in the world I was eating before that was apparently so bad for my body. What doctors miss today while they are spending all of five minutes with us to write our name on that little prescription pad, is that our body is a system. We cannot be treated by specialists that only look at one segment of the body at a time. You are a product of everything that goes into that system. The gamble is how long will your system run on those conditions before you see it begin to break down. SCD has undoubtedly given me, my husband, and my four little ones ranging from infant to 6 years old growth, energy, focus and health. Two of our kids grew three inches on this diet in the first 3 months! So much for kids needing starch to grow! We are one family that is not going back.

  • Derek Diamond - Licensing Info

    With Webroot for 3 PC's, the clock starts running as soon as you install it on the first PC.
    In other words, even if you didn't install Webroot on your other 2 PC's, the protection time period (15 months) begins to count down with the install of the first PC. Not a big deal but something users should aware of. I have this on 6 PC's and laptops and it has detected and (more importantly) removed several trojans/malware. I gave it 5 stars on a probationary basis since I have only used it 3 months. Prior to this I used NOD32, Microsoft Security Essentials and Avira all of which have failed requiring a complete reformat and Windows install. Time will tell if Webroot can live up to the hype but so far I like it.

  • Champ - Proud Grandma - Denon did wonders for the ultrasound

    We brought this to my daughter-in-law's ultrasound appointment and asked the doctor to hook it up. Not only could we hear the twins (little Delbert and Wembley) chattering away in full stereo, but to our surprise, the video quality was also enhanced. We got full color 600 dpi color prints - a grandma's dream! The kids are now thinking of changing Delbert's name to Denon.

  • K. Montgomery - Seamless Blend of SciFi and Paranormal Romance

    Sascha Duncan is a member of a race known for their emotional detachment, cold precision and deadly sharp minds. Only Sascha isn't like other Psy. She feels powerful emotion and she grows worried she may soon not be able to repress the building surge. A business meeting with changeling Lucas Hunter, the alpha of the DarkRiver leopards, lures her even closer to the edge of certain discovery. As she is assigned as the Psy contact for the ensuing project Lucas's company takes on, she soon begins to fear grave repercussions from her people.

    Lucas feels something different about Sascha--she's not like other Psy. It doesn't take long for the dominant male to begin asserting his blatant interest in her in traditionally pack ways. Could her mysterious differences be the key his and a rival pack's have been looking for? A serial killer has targeted changeling women, and the packs believe the killer to be Psy. As a Psy with connections amongst her race, Sascha will become the only saving grace in a race against time to stop two opposing groups on the brink of war. Her and Lucas's efforts will bring them to some shocking realizations as well as some heated and sensually stimulating encounters.

    The first impression of this romance was that it combined an awesome feel of not only paranormal elements, but sci-fi as well. Lucas's pack dynamics will ring somewhat similar to other paranormal romances, while having their own unique qualities at the same time, most notably their love for one another and family dynamics. The chilling addition of the Psy brings to mind a more futuristic sense with their sparse and utilitarian lifestyles. There are some very interesting twists to the plot that makes good use of the pacing throughout the book, making for a very hard to put down read. Sascha is a heroine readers may sympathize with in her plight to become fully herself, while Lucas is so wonderfully sexy in his concern for her welfare. Look for the sequel, Visions of Heat (March 6, 2007) about Psy member Faith NightStar and changeling Vaugn D'Angelo