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  • William T. Burnham "celticpict" - best shampoo-conditioner

    All other shampoos on the market use a type of stripping agent in their shampoos,sodium laurenth sulfate(sls)which strips the hair of its natural oils and nutients,this product doesnt contain that but actually promotes the hairs natural ingredients with natural and helping products which help the hair...no chemicals or other items that destroy the hair and scalp.

  • cakebaker4hire "Rachel Daniel-Scott" - LOVE, LOVE,LOVE

    I love my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It was love at first open!!!! Its sleek,and light, and the screen is so crystal clear. I am still learning my way around it,but so far I love everything about it. And my favorite feature so far is the one touch "screen shot" . This is my first tablet and I have a Samsung galaxy S3 phone and they sync together. My calendar and contacts on my phone are available on my tablet... its awesome !!!

  • Justin - Great Value - Perfect for a NYC Apartment

    Living in NYC means obsessing over space-saving products that still deliver quality performance.

    The Yamaha YST-SW012 8" sub definitely does not fall short of that.
    Hooked up to a Yamaha 5.1 setup, this subwoofer works perfectly in a living room that runs about 16' x 14'.

    The bass isn't the clearest but for the price tag, I have yet to hear a better sounding subwoofer.

  • Elizabeth I. Knight-Smith - Align ProBiotics

    ProBiotics have been recomended by all of my doctors & this was the brand mentioned first. I've been taking them for about 6 months & would recomend them to everyone that wants to keep their health top notch. If you ever have to take AntiBiotics for an illness you should take these when you're done to put all the good guys back in your body.

  • Arthur W. Campbell - Unique Voice in 21st Century Poetry

    Arch American poetry critic, Dean Young, has declared, "Disjunction may be the most important characteristic of [some forms of] art, explored and accentuated in every art form.... The fractured self, its representation and the notion that that fracturing is the source of art in general, [has been for some poets] an overarching preoccupation."

    Based on this--and countless reinforcement in American media-- from news headlines, Facebook solipsisms, to retweeted Tweets-- Aplon's book is an extraordinary example. I finished my own slow, awake-but-fearful perambulation through Aplon's seashores, pasturelands, forests, and forbidding caves. My overall impression was that this veteran poet of many internationally published volumes has finally dug through leagues of anthracite and occasionally reached a small vein of optimism.

    However, most of the rest of TV's poems return to Aplon's superlatively captured stygian depths of the contradiction, cruelty, irrationality, surprise, and surrealism that haunts our cosmos--as per Dean Young's observation.

    NOBODY I have ever read or encountered does this with richer, more strikingly convincing, and arrestingly seductive verse. Nobody. Ever. Thanks to Mr. Aplon for living in acute and painful awareness of today's civilization, for surviving life with his unique perspective, and for being tough and talented enough to corral his experience in words to share with us.