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  • John P - Hidden meanings!Remember the calculator game of entering a number and then turning it over to see the word you spelled? I accidentally picked up the book upside down and to my shock all the words appeared as numbers. After turning the book right-side up, it was slightly easier reading.

    My wife thought it was a Cryptogram book whereby each 5 digit number is converted to a sequence of keyboard characters. She spent many tireless months deciphering the code. "Best $90 I ever spent", she proclaimed.

    Spoil alert! The sum of the 1,000,000 digits is 4,500,000
  • C. Dickerman "lee lee" - when your doctor does not have the answer look hereFive gastro doctors and years later, I finally reached bottome after numerous intestional surgeries and decided if I could find help I would do whatever was necessary. I take on and off courses of specific antibiotics after my new gastro doctor did a little known test that had to be sent across country to the cutting edge Massachusetts to find the critters in my body, I take high quality specific probiotics and I STAY on this diet. Two months later, things are beginning to turn around. Choices are be sick all the time and in agony or get your dicipline on and just DO IT>
  • Sam Clemens "Mikesfrend" - don't hate me because I'm stupidI can't pretend to be what I'm not. Not an intellectual, not very highly educated. I'm basing this review on the comparison between what I've observed over the past 6 decades and what this lady confirms. So please don't anyone comment about how I don't have a right to an opinion because I'm just a yahoo. I know I'm a yahoo, and now everyone else does, so don't bore us. Ms Coulter has it right. She sees through what the liberal press has fed the public and exposes the lies - or misinformation - or lack of good, unbiased reporting. She hit the nail on the head.