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  • C.Carrick - A Personal JourneySusan Branch has such a gift of making you feel as though you are a Personal Friend. Handwritten in her familiar style, this cozy journal of her trip with her dear Joe makes us feel as though we *are* along with her throughout the countryside.
    Definitely a gift that will keep on giving with every read ♥
  • Love2Read - Works Great!I have tried everything including men's anti-perspirant and prescription anti-perspirant to help excess sweating and nothing has helped, but I have not had a problem since I have tried this product! I hope it continues to work. So far I love the results!
  • Dalton Bray "Shenron204" - The Best Scenic Beach View on Blu-Ray 3DAs many others, my family and I have recently been catching up into the 3D movie craze, so when our TV busted a couple of weeks ago (it was a horrible, horrible snowboarding accident), we decided to shell out the extra money for a 3D TV.

    Sadly, it seems that most of the 3D Blu-Rays are expensive. At the time being, we only had one (Avatar 3D, which came with our 3D Glasses), so when I found this on sale for $15, I knew I had something good, and I have to say that it far exceeded my expectations.

    I watched this late at night while my wife was asleep (I don't even think she knows I have it) and I never wanted it to end.

    They managed to pack such beautiful shots of the Hawaiian beach line in here!

    This is by far the best nature documentary I've seen, and the 3D helps. Everything works here, from the multiple colors of the trees, to the majestic view of the sand. I found it much more entertaining than Avatar, which I do have to admit, especially in scenes with the Na'vi Neytiri, the view was good, but this one takes the cake. I felt like I was actually in Hawaii!

    One downside is that some of the shots are ruined by what I believe are models of some kind. Sometimes they can be distracting and the camera focuses on them too long. I want to look at the tree and the water swaying, not the girl laying on her backside stretching on the beach! Sometimes they even break away from the scenery to have the models talk to the camera. It's alright at times, because some of them are interesting to hear them talk about their evaluation of the land itself, but other times you're just yelling "GET BACK TO THE WATER!"

    But that's not enough to ruin it. You have to see it. 5/5, recommended for everyone.
  • Ashley McBrian - love, love, love it!this is a great stroller. We searched around a lot for a stroller that was light, easily compactable, doesn't take up a ton of room in the trunk, offers great storage, great mobility, slim in shape to go down isles with ease and not feeling like you are in the way and the tires work great even in the grass. this is a wonderful stroller and is everything we were looking for in a stroller.
  • JBogue - Like being in a 18th century tornado! Non-stop action!The story: Claire finds out that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden and knows she must join him back in the past. She makes peace with her daughter Brianna, ties up loose ends back at the hospital in Boston, and then returns to Scotland to make the journey through time to 1768, Scotland. Once she gets back to 18th century Scotland, she and Jamie have a few days together and then the adventure begins.
    Jamie's nephew, Ian, gets kidnapped by pirates, and Jamie and Claire must sail to the West Indies to find him. Their journey is exciting and frought with peril. The re-joining of Jamie and Claire does not dissapoint.
    This book also tells the tale of what happened to Jamie after the Battle of Culloden. It is a tale of such loneliness and tragedy that it will break your heart! It also tells of what happened to Claire after she reappeared in Scotland in 1948 after being gone for 3 years, and her life with Frank and Brianna. This book kinda plays "catch up" for the first few hundred pages. This part of the book is very good, but it does not have the insomnia inducing, page turning qualitites of the first two books. THEN...you get to the adventure once again. Once Claire gets back to Jamie, the story speeds up with a vengence. I mean, come on, arson, sabotage, kidnapping, pirates, voo doo, and hurricanes...what more can you ask for?
    This book focuses less on the love story, and more on adventure and story-telling. Alot can be learned about Jamie and Claire from the tales of the 18 years they were apart. Another great part of this book, is seeing the beginnings of the relationship between Roger and Brianna. Make sure, you have Drums of Autumn handy because after finishing this one, you will not want to wait to start the next one!JBogue
    Specializing in paranormal romance and fiction.