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  • Tsathoggua - Great for customer service!I was pleased to see that this product worked so well! Normally, whenever I have an "irate customer", I just smile, node my head, and give them whatever the hell they want. Now, with this amazing, one-of-a-kind product, I won't have to do that anymore! Yesterday, a woman came in demanding her money back for a half empty bag of jelly beans she had purchased a year ago. She didn't have a receipt, either. When I explained that I would issue a store credit, she balked. I then whipped out the good old MK-9 and gave her a face full of this stuff. THAT convinced her that a store credit would work fine. Later that day, a man came in upset because we were out of a product that had been on sale the entire week (that day had been the last day of the sale, you see). "You should have it," he demanded, "it's in your flyer! You shouldn't have it in there if you don't have it! You need to order more!"

    "Is that so" I asked.

    "Yes! I want to see your manager!"

    "Well," I said taking out my can of MK-9, "here he is! You can tell him all about it!"

    Ten seconds later, he was happy to get a raincheck. It also worked well with customers who complained about express check out, the quality of store brand products, other "rude" employees, and those who wanted to use the employee restroom. Nothing says great customer service like a can of MK-9!

    Highly recommended!
  • S. M. Petrus - By far my favorite WEN product! Better than shampoo!I switched to WEN six thirteen several months ago in an attempt to repair the damage to my hair. I have thin wavy hair that I dye every 6 to 8 weeks (I'm naturally a brunette who was meant to be a blonde). Other than that I don't use hot irons or anything, but my hair was so dry and damaged, it felt like hay (and didn't look much better). Over a period of about 6 months I used every conditioner, treatment, mask I could find to try and repair my hair. But by the time I got it to look half way nourished It was time to dye it again. I started using WEN and within the week my hair felt so soft and looked fantastic!! I bought the mango over the summer, as it was a seasonal item. It smells amazing. I love coconut mango anything, and this was just what the doctor ordered. I usually order from QVC, but since this isn't available in the winter i decided to give amazon a try. glad I did. I bought 2 bottles!! In case you are wondering, this one is my favorite, six thirteen is also good. I just bought the winter vanilla mint to try and love that too. It's tingly like the 6-13 but smells way better. I didn't care for any of the other kinds. I know it sounds like an infomercial, but I will never go back to shampoo again! I can't, my hair won't let me!
  • liza0330 - A Christmas Miracle...Original unedited version found with my Husband's Christmas Three Wolf Moon Tee Shirt:

    December 24, 2009

    Dear Dean,

    Before you unleash the magical world awaiting you, allow me to tell you a little story....

    About six-hundred years ago I was sitting in the local grog hall trying to avoid the black plague. I was down to my last shilling, my clothes were in tatters and my feet were pretty gross. Halitosis was starting to take over, I had the clap and my nose was runny...
    Anyway, a shady type sauntered into the hall and approached me with an object so powerful, so magical, so mysterious that my life has never been the same (he said he found it in a pile of horse dung and did I need some rags for my feet). Unbeknownst to him, this rag was indeed something out of the ordinary. Once you cast eyes upon it, you too will understand....
    This rag alone is responsible for the transformation I am about to describe. Immediately after donning this rag I stumbled upon a crimson and fur coat and hat. Magically whole leather boots appeared upon my feet. Then a herd of magical flying deer showed up outside my hovel! It was incredible but nothing compared to the red sleigh. Shortly after that, I met a troop of traveling circus midgets, talented in the art of toy making beyond belief. One of the fellows produced a large amount of magical dust and things became very merry indeed! My hovel was transformed into a mighty fortress complete with workshop and stable. The midgets and the deer were happy, safe and warm!
    Next appeared a most lovely wench, talented in the arts of creating sweets and good drink.(She had a rather nice arse as well). Her it was who suggested making toys and flying to all corners of the earth to gift others. Needless to say, we all remain happy and content with our chosen calling. Six hundred years is a pretty good run after all....
    Now it is time to pass on some of the magic I have enjoyed these many years.

    Your brother in magical Woofiness,

    S. Clause

    PS. See disclaimer on website.