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  • Scruffy Nerfherder "Scruffy Nerfherder" - If you need a paperweight...This thing is actually, truly awesome! It has all sorts of nuggets of knowledge for true AutoCAD users. The catch is, you have to actually read it.

    I got this for one of our detailers. He was adamant about needing it. So I ordered it, gave it to him and it sits on his desk...collecting dust. It's not surprising, though, considering...

    If you'll actually use it, and you're remotely literate, this is a great asset.
  • gudnold - Keep giving my book awayI have a terrible time keeping this book. I keep giving it away to people with bowel problems and children with mild forms of ADD or ADHD. And, I need another one to give to a couple of doctors I know. Unfortunately, I always stop the diet too soon, and the symptoms start back again in a couple of months. This time I will stay on the diet a full year, and add back s-l-o-w-l-y.
  • Elle P - absolutely captivating.I was sucked in right away. The characters are all people I wish I could know personally & the story kept me hanging on from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great work of fiction. I'm starting on the next installment right now! I don't know how I hadn't heard about this author before now, but I am so glad I finally caught on!
  • maxbett - Secure to say the LEASTAbsolutely Superb I put it to the test and it rose to the occasion cant find one negative thing to say about this one WEBROOT out does themselves again told family and friends all about this SecureAnywhere product cant wait to try the other two SecureAnywheres out even if i dont really need to keep up the fabulous work WEBROOT subscriber for life
  • Nicholas - Great for anyone willing to spend the money!If you are looking for more length and a soft feel, this a great ball. Don't listen to the golf snobs who think they know more about golf cuz they are single digit handicaps and tell you not to waste your money on these. Most golfers(like myself) with handicaps in the teens play in that range cuz they don't have time to play 6 times a week so they lose shots in their short game, not because they can't keep long shots in play...long shots are the easier part of the game. That said, I have tested this ball on quiet days on the course shot for shot against a handful of cheaper 2 piece balls, and this 330RX is consistantly 10 - 15 yards farther. Anyone can benefit from more distance. If you worry about losing your $4 ball, grab the yellow ones, they are easier to find if you spray it in the rough! Have fun!!!