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  • Richard Mcguire "Photo Guy" - an A for the A GameVery well written and informative. The first part of the book is a bit slow and talks mostly about what most all of us guys already know; we need to improve our 'game'. Once the book gets going in the steps to take in attracting, meeting, dating and sexing the ladies, it is hard to put down.
    Recommended for all virile males no matter how old.
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  • Tangle - I Love my TabletI love, love my tablet. It's my whole, personal world all wrapped up in a 8 1/2 x 10 inch square tablet. I thought at first I would be able to share this with my boyfriend but I find it to be a very personal thing. It's MY TABLET! I'm still learning the various differences of a tablet vs computer, but Samsung has a manual you can download and what? read it on your TABLET. I just love it.
  • E. J. KOZAK "eddriver" - No Care & Feeding InstructionsNo where in the packaging is any information regarding seasoning or cleaning of the fry pan. Amazon customer service said they couldn't help and 3 calls to Telebrands finally produced the information. So here's how it should be done....spread 1 tablespoon of cooking oil into pan (or in my case I sprayed generously with cannola cooking spray.) Heat over medium heat until the oil just starts to smoke, and remove from heat. After it cools, rinse pan with hot water and wipe dry. Future clean up is done the same way after use. Reseason as necessary. The pan itself is great as we have not experienced anything sticking from eggs to fish...although I did use a spatula and not air to removed the foods! It's good enough that I'm getting a second one for camping.
  • BMW Driver - Small Business Book StudyI purchased 17 copies of this book for my small business. I separated my employees into 2 groups, and we read the book together. We separated it into 8 weeks, about 20 pages per week. It went great! The book is an easy read. I found that even with the diverse group of backgrounds people have at my company, everybody could relate to this story. I highly recommend it to any leaders in business or anything really if you want your team to have a common language and get closer together. This book really delivers.