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  • W. Jamison "William S. Jamison" - For What Binders I UseFor What Binders I Use
    There are names for each binder:
    strong women, weak women.
    Look inside, you can see them:
    the ones that drink from half-empty cups,
    their nails rust red in the places they point,
    knuckles dovetailed on their page.
    The way things stay so neatly
    wherever they've been clipped in--
    and clips, some say, are weak.

    And see how the pages flow back
    across a snap, with a great flap,
    more strong
    than the simple, untested loose leaves.
    There's a name for it in classes,
    when it snags in your back pack: homework,

    as all women,
    proud of their efforts, wear them
    as honors given out after class,
    small triumphs adding weight to the back--

    And when two women have loved each assignment
    see how they make them smarter
    it forms a scar on their bodies,
    stronger, heavier, and a pound each binder;
    how the black cardboard makes of them a single book
    that no one can bear or read.

    (Thanks for your help Jane!)
  • brandy - Happy with itI have only been on this for 1 week at very minimum dose of 1 pill an hour before a meal and lost 2 pounds without doing anything else! I am disabled and cannot exercise so this was great for me to find! My appetite is curbed and I am now amping the dose to 2 pills before eating!
    Update: roughly 3 weeks into it and now 5 pounds lighter with zero exercise.. I forgot to take it one day and realized that I didn't eat the entire plate that was in front of me :) I will be reordering my next supply shortly :)
  • MamacitaSheena - Awesome guideI am new to Quickbooks and had no clue where to start. I purchased Quickbooks 2011 for dummies and love it. Any question I have I can reference to the book and it gives me step by step instructions that I can easily understand. If you have Quickbooks, and want a way to understand it better, then this book is a must have!