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  • tamiko beutel - Garden of life.Flavor...?, well there isn't much on that, but as others suggested, I mix mine with banana, mixed fruit, & water. Exceeded my expectations. Really gave me energy, wasn't hungry all day, felt full. Seemed to work for the bowels as well. My only problem was the price, a little bit high for me, but I would purchase it again and again (as long as hubby is ok with paying for it).
  • Hannah - You have to be very strict on this diet, but it will work.My husband has been on the SCD since 2009. He was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2008. Before the diet, he had frequent BMs and a lot of blood in the stool. He had to go on Prednisone to get that under control. Since the diet, his BMs are usually normal and he is only on Azathiaprine - he has managed to stay away from steroids this entire time. His blood work is great. This may or may not be a miracle fix for you - for instance, he still feels nausea, fatigue, and cramping on some occasions. But his symptoms have been greatly reduced. When he first started he was too sick to cook for himself and I took over the cooking. On my end, I have become a huge cooking enthusiast. I make all of his food for him and even blog about it now ( He was on his way to severe Crohn's disease and while this is not a 100% fix, he now experiences mild Crohn's disease on a daily basis and can live a mostly normal life. You need to stick to the diet religiously - think of this more like Atkins or Kosher - you're eating that way, or you're not. It works if you are strict with it. We've had to start the diet over once after a family member fed him SCD illegal food and caused a flare up. But if you're strict, it'll seriously help you.
  • W. D. Braucher - Looks good.Looks to be well made, sturdy in construction and with all the features I require. Haven't used it yet, but if appearances are worth anything, this one should certainly meet my expectations. Regarding assembly, I would say that time and patience are a definite requirement, at least for me, but the end result was well worth it.
  • S. C. Lehman - Disturbing but worthyMaybe I just like the weird and the macabre, but I really enjoyed The Road and have recommended it to all my friends. I watched the movie first and was left with questions, so I picked up the book to see if McCarthy was more descriptive. There are still some things unanswered that bother me, but I kept reading to get better insight into the world McCarthy created.

    About halfway through, I was spurred to learn more about McCarthy to try to understand his viewpoint. There were a few interviews of his that I found very interesting and which enriched the second half of the book for me. I also understood what McCarthy meant when he said he doesn't understand authors who don't right about life and death experiences. The ending was also much more moving after learning that McCarthy's inspiration came from his own life in leading his youngest son into the world. I found myself replacing the nameless man and the boy with a 77 year old man and his 8 year old son.

    His technical writing is a little hard to digest at first what with the lack of "superfluous" punctuation. I found myself re-reading sentences to glean the true meaning. But the pauses also gave me a chance to stop and think about what living in a hopeless world really meant. What would I do in the same situation? I continued to find myself stuck in the same place as the man and the boy because of the world's slow death. After a while, I really got into the flow of the shorter sentences. McCarthy's use of varied vocabulary is both refreshing and slightly annoying. I found I knew the majority of some rarely used words, but I did have occasion to look up maybe 5-10 from never having run across them before and I haven't had to do that in a really long time.

    Overall, McCarthy has definitely won a spot on my bookshelf and I will be going through the rest of his works.