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  • singmyway - My gums are healthierI bought this product at the suggestion of my dentist. After 6 months the deep pockets in my gums have improved dramatically. Before this no matter how much I cleaned and flossed my gums did not improve. The dentist would need to do very deep cleanings. All that is in the past. This product has reduced my dental cleaning bills significantly. My breath is better. My gums and teeth are healthier. I am relieved to have stopped the downward spiral. So far, one year,Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator works fine. If it fails I will simply replace it.
  • chelsea - Recommended :)Absolutely love my kindle fire HD !! Take it every where and very light and portable tablet ! Clear view and adjust to my light. Very happy to have purchase this tablet and would recommend. My sister ha purchased the apple tablet mini same time I purchased my kindle and both do the same features mine was just extremely cheaper so happy to save !