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  • melissa - Best baby purchase ever.This is seriously the best baby purchase we made. We leave it in the car all the time, that way if someplace doesn't have a high chair (or they look sketchy) we have something for our daughter to sit in. The pocket in the back is handy for a toy, food, spoon, and bib. It is really sturdy and we haven't found any tables it didn't fit on yet. We've probably used it about 25 times at various places. I haven't had any trouble with the cleaning issues others were having, it wipes up easily and looks great.
  • Michael M. Moore - Transformer Prime 64 GBThis unit I put together for a friend, after they saw mine working. This is an outstanding unit for portable use including being a great book reader. I still use my desktop computer, but now do a lot with my outstanding tablet. Some of the Android phone applications still only work in the portrait orientation, but that will improve once the application writers step up to the new Android 4+ operating system that supports both tablets and phones.
  • Kenneth D. Gage "book-writing animal" - Purple Cows, Werewolves and Huge-Ass ShipsNever before in the histories of High Literature and Surrealism has a book so well captured the longings and desires of the English-reading world. This is the definitive purple cow of a product, remarkably distinct even in a marketplace teeming with herds of purple cows and purpler cow pies.

    The first half of How to Avoid Huge Ships is a sexual metaphor, obvious of course to anyone with just a glimmer of insight and social discernment. The second half hits you with a tear-jerking romance suddenly silenced on the open seas. I have not felt this broken as a human being by a moving ship narrative since that day in 1979 when I cried upon learning that my grandma had had both her arms pulled out of their sockets in a tragic water skiing accident. (Fortunately, her ongoing tour in one the nation's finest troops of Irish river dancers was not disturbed by even one day.)

    And then there is the third dimension to this masterpiece of language and elusion -- the fact that it is an introduction to the epiphenomenalism that fueled the literary theories advanced in the 2006 folk-novel Face of the Screaming Werewolf, where the terror of the written word is only matched by the dynamism of cultural self-reflection, metacognition and thoughts best left buried between the Devil and the deep blue oceans.

    Throw out your Beatles and Elvis collections! Burn your Bibles, Torahs and Korans! Mere training bras! Were ever a word of the Most High's recorded in human artifacts and witnessed before the End, it be rendered true and living in this unprecedented tome. Bazinga!
  • Paul R. Wisgerhof - Tablet to HDMIFor all of you who are upset that LG does not yet support Amazon apps, you can always just connect a tablet to an HDMI port on your TV and go from there. You will be able to access all of your stuff on Prime and show it on the TV. I do it all the time with an older Samsung product and it works just fine. I am using an Android tablet at the moment.