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  • R. Hughes - Works great and doesn't slow my computer down.I got the 2012 security virus and just could not get rid of it through any means. I bought this and it could not install because of the virus so I called Norton and they spent over 2 hours using remote desktop to get it installed. Great customer service!

    I run it in the background with no noticable effects in the speed of my computer. Good purchase, I will buy it again next year.
  • Juniper "Juniper" - remarkable laptopexcellent performance for the price, very pleased with this purchase. Windows 8 and touchpad have tablet responsive features for scrolling or zooming in /out
  • Jeremy Hall "Super Geek" - Glad I bought itI was on the fence for quite a while on this due to the cost, but I am very glad I purchased it. I drink way too much diet soda as it is, and have been looking for a good alternative without all of the chemicals and sodium, as well as a way to cut the cost down some. What I have found that I really like is soda water with a few slices of lemon or lime. I did pick up a sample pack of the Sodastream flavors, and they are "OK," pretty much on par with the cheap Shasta or generic brand sodas. By the time cost if figured into it, you're honestly better off just buying the 2 liter bottles.

    Where I've really been able to cut the cost is using a 3rd party adapter to run regular CO2 from a larger bottle into the Sodastream instead of the overpriced "Carbonator" bottles. I can get the official 14oz carbonator swap refills for around $15 locally. I spent $125 on the gear needed to attach a standard bottle, which I already had. At around $1 per lb (16oz) when buying CO2 bulk (same stuff the commercial soda fountains use) it takes less than 10 refills to come out ahead, then at that point you're making soda water for a couple of pennies per liter. At approximately a quarter of an ounce of CO2 per liter of water, you can quickly figure out how much you can save in the long run.

    If this one ever quits, I'll definitely be picking one up to replace it.
  • Nota bene - Someone could almost use this as a reference book......In the same manner one refers to a dictionary or the Physician's Desk Reference--it's that comprehensive. I didn't read the first edition, so I was surprised to see how much of the information I learned from the recent television biographies and news coverage had already been covered by Randy Taraborrelli since the 1970s. It's especially interesting how different people recount the same incident or topic (eg, Michael's reaction to rumors about his sexual orientation) in the book vs televised interviews, which leads one to wonder who is a credible source. Or, it's possible (and more likely) that Michael's position vacillated depending on who he was speaking to. Many of us engage in some manner of interpersonal accommodation or sociolinguistic strategy in our everyday lives, but unlike most of us, people aren't compelled to disclose every single interaction, no matter how private or tangential, as they did with him. I don't know anyone who could live under such prolonged scrutiny and emerge as a well-adjusted adult.

    I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Michael's life to read Taraborrelli's objective yet compassionate book. While the author holds the star accountable for his complicity in some of the tragedies that befell him, he also took the care to research the book thoroughly before presenting his analysis. I agree that the typos (especially in the latest photographs) detract from the overall quality, but I am nonetheless grateful to Michael for sharing his singular talent with us, and to Randy Taraborrelli for depicting his life with the respect that it deserved.
  • Joyiam - Lifesaver!I was living a lonely, haunted life; unable to write a legible word; going to doctor after doctor; subjecting myself to horrible painful test after test...all to no avail. The doctors finally determined that it was just because I was a woman and that my place was in the kitchen...writing was better left to the men.

    I had just about decided that I had no choice but to accept this horrible ghastly plight that life had dealt me, when BIC came to my rescue! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You Bic! Because of you and the new "BIC Cristal for Her" I can finally write and legibly too!

    Who knew that I did not suffer from some serious deformity or genetic defect? It was all due to being forced to use a bulky man pen all my life! All those doctor visits, the medical tests, the lobotomies...all for naught!! It was just because my dainty woman's hands are not designed for ungainly men pens!

    Please help get the word out to women everywhere! Because of BIC and the new "BIC Cristal for Her", we may be able to save many women from suffering through the horrible fate that I did before "BIC Cristal for Her" came to my rescue!