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  • Ime Lost Inthe - Warm enough.We like the size of this pad. The length is perfect for neck to hip warmth sitting upright in a recliner. We have not had any problem with the heat settings. Seems just the right warmth even on a low setting. I like that this one can be unplugged and washed. No more slipping out of the cover, no wading up either! We would buy this one again!
  • Zain - Excellent and it's a miracleI have been using Rogaine foam about a year , my hair have improved about 35-40%.

    i did NOT experienced any sides effects. one of my friend have complained about having a headaches, he stopped using it for a while then i convinced him to re-start using it again, apparently he did NOT complain about the headaches. i think it was a coincidence for him.

    Rogaine's active ingredient is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a vasodilator that relaxes (widens) blood vessels and improves blood flow. and it used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) when given as a pill ( but we use it TOPICALLY ) Different rout.
  • M. Boan - Racial Opportunists Exposed.This book is about race and how that issue is demagogued for political gain. The book is well researched and uses historical events and recent history to prove it's points. These events can be easily researched. Because the book doesn't rely on emotion and outrage and actually uses facts it probably isn't for every political preference.

    Save the outrage and take a real look at racial opportunists and how they operate.
  • Summer - Working So FarI didn't really beleive that I wouldn't be hungry but I really wasn't. My husband and I are both following this. He has lost about 17lbs and I ahve lost about 13 for the first 17 days. We both agree that this is something we will be able to follow long term. I really like that everything is step by step for menu's and lots of recipies that will make it easy to creat our own recipies with the same ingredents but with our own veriations. I used to hate onions, squash, mushrooms and a few other veggies but with the change in pallet from eathing properly and the recipies taht use them they are not as terrible to eat anymore. Still not my favorites but at least I can stand eating them every now and then. My kids are eating with us with very little complaints.
    P.S If you cheat it is really easy to get back on track. Took about 3 days back on track to take off 3 lbs of cheating for 3 dinners in a row.