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  • EFFYOURFAITH - Wow I'm a real woman

    It was a brisk winter morn when I first used this wonderful pen, the second touched the barrel my whole life changed, my boobs got bigger my eyelashes got longer, this pen made me feel like a woman, thank you bic. I knew that something was holding me back from being a sexy woman, and now I know it was my man pens. I keep one close at all times <3

  • P. W. M. - This helped me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    I have acid reflux, and while on vacation in 2010, I started eatings 5 or 6 tums before bedtime. I believe that I upset the acid balance in my stomach enough that it allowed an undesirable strain of bacteria to flourish in my intestines. Of course it could just be a coincidence, but I never had IBS before. The doctors gave me medicine to stop the pain and quivering sensations in my right lower abdomen, but I credit the diet recommended in this book for getting my intestinal flora back to normal. I don't take any medicine for IBS now. It noticed a difference in 3 weeks after following diet advice mentioned in this book, but you must follow the advice and not cheat! Avoiding the white stuff, like sugar and flour definitely helped me! My IBS would keep me up at night with abdominal pains, but is gone now. I stayed on the diet strictly for about 6 months and then gradually introduced some of the sugars and flours back into my diet. I eat a normal diet now, but I still try to limit sugars and flour when I can.

  • Y. R. Wu "The will to win is nothing without ... - Top quality ball.....won't crack like the cheaper balls, tougher than the Baden Z-Series

    I've coached my daughter's team for about four years and we often see that after a couple of seasons, the covers of the cheaper balls start to crack and you get a really nasty ball. This is particularly true if they are "Shiny" - the plastic skin wears at the seams and starts to peel. Yuck.

    The Baden Z-series PU cushioned are the ones that the league provides us with. These last the longest on turf use, though the covers can tear or abrade if the kids kick them against buildings or on pavement.

    This Adidas ball seems to be a good balance - it's a cushioned PU skin, but tougher than the Baden. Still, if your kids are going to play on pavement or dirt/rocks, get a cheap ball with the tougher skin.

  • Marissa, Sizzling Hot Books - Best one of the series to date!!

    Review courtesy of Sizzling Hot Books

    When I was given the opportunity to review Eat Prey Love I jumped at the chance, for two reasons. First reason, I am a fan of Kerrelyn Sparks, especially her Love at Stakes series, and second because I am always looking for good were-animal novels. I love all were-animals but there seems to be so many werewolves and not much of were bears, lions, tigers, and panthers.

    Eat Prey Love is Carlos' story and he is a were-panther, so that was just what I was looking for. Just from reading the blurb I knew I would love Carlos, who can not love a man who would risk his life to save young children and then adopt them. Carlos was sweet and caring.

    Caitlyn I felt bad for a first because her family was so messed up. Her father was a total jerk, she lost her sister because of her father, and her mom was indifferent. I loved how we learned about what happened to Caitlyn's sister Shanna as she did. Caitlyn took everything in stride, and never shut down because of all she was hearing about vampires and shapeshifters, she was a strong women.

    I enjoyed Carlos' search for more were-panthers, especially since Caitlyn went behind his back to be able to go with him. They both loved each other, and I loved how their relationship developed throughout Eat Prey Love .

    Eat Prey Love is hilarious, especially when Caitlyn is learning to fight, stake vampires, and shot a gun. I won't tell you what happened, because that will spoil it but trust me you will get a kick out of it. Eat Prey Love is definitely one for the keeper shelves.