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  • cauzjoy - Another of Jeremy Scahill's unsettling investigationsIn Dirty Wars Jeremy Scahill takes us deep into the shadows of the secret wars being conducted by our government, far from acknowledged battlefields. The new American warriors work within the CIA Special Activities Division, The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Navy Seals, Delta Force and, when “plausible deniability” is preferred, are drawn from the ranks of the private mercenary companies contracted by our government. Working in over 100 countries worldwide, thousands of secret commandos are engaged in targeted killings, kidnappings, and drone and missile strikes. These operations are funded through black budgets, far from public debate and congressional oversight, and answerable to the president.

    Scahill’s unprecedented investigative journalism covers black prisons, night raids and the destabilizing of sensitive regions of the world. A wealth of insight is gleaned from agents, mercenaries, warlords, government officials, families of targeted victims and survivors. There is in depth coverage of the story of one American targeted for assassination by President Obama, and of his family’s pleas for his life. Included is the murder of his innocent 16-year old son two weeks later. There is no corner of our terrifying global killing machine that Scahill does not drag out of the shadows. He puts a human face on victims and perpetrators alike, and explores the consequences of this new American foreign policy.

    This is a thoroughly researched and deeply disturbing document, but it is gripping, fascinating and extremely frightening. It’s a must-read for everyone concerned with the direction our country has taken.
  • GAL "GAL" - it's a miracle workerI bought this for my adolescent daughter because she suffers from PMS about a week before, then 3 more days into it she starts to feel human again. I'd looked into Premsyn and other products before and it just seemed like a whole lot of ibuprofen and some had caffeine, which is the LAST thing you need when you're feeling like crap. I totally agree with the other reviewers that this Premsyn is the original, the real deal - containing the ingredients that work. I use it too as I'm menopausal and could use all the help I can get. It has been a little miracle worker for my daughter and I'm SO grateful for the 3 Pack because we're going to run out pretty soon.