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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 08205 Absecon, New Jersey

  • Samer Kanjo - Great powers with a side of wrath.

    I hesitantly bought this shirt not sure if the reviews were really true. I can say with all certainty that the reviews are true.

    I wear my shirt to work on Fridays. Since I started wearing the shirt I find $100 bills lying on the ground in plain view. The pedestrian traffic does not seem to notice the windfall they are stepping on. I also started being offered free donuts and bagels while walking to the office. It is not just one or two goodies but rather one or two dozen. Naturally I share these at the office.

    The strangest thing happened to me just last week. I had worked all night on Wednesday and went right to work Thursday morning without sleep. I thought it was Friday and wore my shirt. Everybody at work wondered why I was wearing my shirt on Thursday rather than Friday. I insisted that it was Friday. That week had two Saturdays! Next week I am going to try it again but it may only work if I really believe it is Friday.

    Now for the bad news. My son and I play Minecraft so naturally I have my own server to accommodate our need to play. I found a three creeper and moon shirt here on Amazon and thought I would add it to collection of Friday apparel. I wore the shirt on the first Friday. That day my Minecraft server was griefed badly. Fortunately I did have a backup and was able to restore the server. However, I took it as a warning from the three wolf shirt most likely upset by the parody. While I still do have the three creeper shirt I have never worn it again.

    So when buying this shirt bear in mind that there are great rewards but you must also have great respect for the power least you fall victim to the shirts wrath.

  • MIGA3 - Happy :)

    I got it as a gift for my boyfriend and he's like a boy at Christmas! Loves it!
    It arrived in the original packaging and looked good. My only concern was that the box it was shipped in was bigger than the box where the tablet was, it was not labeled as "fragile" and just seemed a bit vulnerable to getting banged up during the shipping. But, so far its working well and should be ok but my recommendation to the seller is that some extra padding be put in just in case.
    If it hadn't been for customs it would have arrived really quick and during the whole time the seller was very cooperative answering questions promptly and providing any needed info.
    As for the tablet its self, its slim, elegant, light and has great image and sound. Plus Android is great! You can have all sorts of apps and contrary to the ipad not just mac apps. Asus has made a really nice product. Another downfall is that its not really 32GB, what you really get is 26GB. Ok, This is normal with most hard drives but luckily the Asus gives you the SD card option for extra space.
    5stars and happy :)

  • VondaK - Quicken Home & Business Download

    I have been very pleased with this product! It is exactly what I was expecting in a Financial Management software, and has been easy to learn how to use. I was concerned about what would happen if I had PC trouble, and didn't need to wait long to find out, as I got a really aggressive virus within two weeks of my purchase. I was able to download the product again without any trouble at all!

  • ChaosVal - Progressively much better than the last Nascar title I played.

    Though I haven't tried the multiplayer yet... and reading the other comments I doubt I will for a little while (at least until a close friend of mine gets this game and me and him terrorize other players on the track) , but grading the game just from it's career mode and other features I find it simply awesome! Of course there is always room for a little improvement such as the accidents or what have you that should've called out a caution, but didn't. The crew chief talking to you over the radio with the same repetitive comments gets easily annoying, "I don't care if you're gonna choke on some cocktails or if birds are getting all up in your french frieds dammit! Tell me some information that is at least more relevent to the race!". Last thing... I think is the fact that I can only race with one driver that I selected from the very beginning when I first put in the game. I mean, sure I am going to race a season as Carl Edwards, but what about after I'm done with that season and I feel like racing as somebody else such as Greg Bifle, Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano, Mark Martin, or Danica Patrick.

    The graphics were to my expectations from this game, simply amazing. Everything is put in good detail... well except the fans on the bleachers as usual, but eh... who really cares about them hehe. I really liked the new draft system over the last nascar title i played which I think was EA's 2008 or 09. Was pleasantly surprised to find the Slingshot really worked and that the AIs of other cars will actually help you out and not just run the same line around the track over and over again. In your career mode, when you enter a race you are automatically given a "rival" though to be honest this so-called "rival" is honestly just the person in first or if you're starting from the pole position they will be whoever is in 2nd I think is one other "off" thing about this game. I think if I'm going to have a rival, at least make it the other drivers that I either aggressively bumped out of the way, putting them far in the back from spinning them out, etc.

    The close-car radar is a plus for me (sorry you other guys) but I'm glad to have it there especially since I don't want to look behind me to see if there's a car there on either side of mine while I'm going through a turn and I have found that it has made it easier for me to line up my car with others in order to draft better or just fight off other cars so to protect my position. One of the best things I like about the career mode is that it was much more simplified than the last season mode I played on a Nascar title. There was so many things to over-see and make preparations for. I'm sorry I don't understand the necessaries of building engines, different cars, chassis', but when I play a Nascar game I don't wanna be the race car's team owner looking over all these decisions. I just wanna race! Even with that said, I would see how an improvement of after finishing a race and earning money or points from a reward system that would allow you to spend them on upgrading your car, car parts such as the engine, tires, better quality fuel, increasing your pit crew's efficiency so your not in the pit box so long, car reinforcements to withstand eventually higher and higher amounts of damage, or making it more streamlined and aerodynamic even could help.

    In short, I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase of this game, and would recommaned it over all of the EA Nascar titles that I have played within the last six to seven years.