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  • Royce A. Thomasson - Easy to get and useI was doing a upgrade so all I had to do was enter the code and my usage was increased for another 366 days. Installed on two PC's. If you enter the code before your time had expired on your old product you lose the days you had left so better to wait until time is down low. Only takes about 5 minutes to set up using the code since it does not really install anything. You can always check at ant time to see if you are running the latest software and update if you need to.
  • John R Sinton - Your Dermatologist will hate thisWhat I have found is that my dermatologist could not help me with my condition, the standard medical view is that they don't know what causes it, and don't know how to treat it. This book works, it is that simple. For the cost of the purchase price, it is a godsend to me.
  • Mark Forbes - Used in my '98 ExplorerThe install kit worked great. I didn't use any of the extra brackets, and I did snap the tabs off the top of the ring. The instructions almost indicate this is what you're supposed to do for a standard double DIN mount. After that, insert the metal ring the stereo slides into and bend the tabs out. Then the whole thing just snaps into place in the dash. It fit perfect! Actually seems to hold the stereo deck pretty securely too.