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  • puzzleman - Superior work of artThe execution of Anne was full of power. I was there, and so moved I teared up. The entire end for all those poor souls was well-written. I felt sorry for all involved. And I admired Cromwell immensely. His composure, intelligence, and tact were amazing, yet his corruption was debatable.

    Many have complained of difficulty following conversations, and I agree they can be hard to follow. Usually, however, they are quite good. It's just a bunch of pompous Englishmen.

    And I find it interesting, actually despairing, that the same shananigans go on today in politics. Politicians and folks in power are artists themselves of duplicity and craftsmen when the law is in their hands.

    I think I'll reread Wolf Hall.
  • kourosh keikhanzadeh "blib" - If it weren't for rogaine, I'd be bald 10yrs agoI love Rogaine. I have been using it since I was in late college (I am 35 now). I totally expected to be bald by now.

    When I stop using rogaine I notice that in the shower i see hair on my hands. With rogaine that rarely happens.

    If your maternal side has hair issues, you should use rogain and early on.

    Note: I am not a physician. Check with your physician first about medical issues etc. Rogaine was used as a high blood pressure medication so make sure it is okay for you
  • Reluctant Reader "Jim" - Don't be a fool. Read this book.I wish a book like this had been around 38 years ago when my marriage began. I plan on giving a copy to both my sons. I've always been completely mystified by the workings of my wife's heart, but her unpredictable, seemingly completely whimsical responses to me over the years are pretty well explained in this book, allowing me to finally exert some control over them. This book is the "enigma machine" for marriage, and a damn good investment.
  • Boston - Superb light weight cordless vacuumPRO: Beautifully engineered and easy to use. Cordless operation and easily steerable head make light vacuuming a breeze. Battery lasts long enough for 4 or 5 big rooms (~15-20 minutes of use). Easy to empty canister. Dyson design and washable filter means no bags to buy. Recharges in its hanging stand. Comes with wand, brush accessories. Rugged plastic (we've dropped it without harm).

    CON: Not a heavy duty vacuum. Takes 4-5 hours to recharge. Expensive

    OVERALL: absolutely perfect vacuum for a vacation house or general light cleaning.
  • Doug Parks - Repeating Cycles of TimeThis book is destined to become Gregg Braden's classic work. In this time of such obvious global change, Gregg gives us the tools to grasp the cycles that are playing out and the wisdom to understand the vital role each one of us plays. The time code calculator I found fascinating, the observations from a scientist enlightening and the uplifting view of 2012 a true gift from a great teacher.