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  • tradlad - The best phone on the market! (except the OS)I got this a few days back but returned because I didn't like Windows OS as much. It has some great features and is very well thought out, but lacked a few basic things that I didn't like, especially integration with google apps and it being very closed, ie. you can't access the file system, and so on.

    Now to the phone. THE BEST PHONE I have ever held in my hands. I was actually sad while returning it! The hardware is flawless, especially the screen and the camera. A little heavy, but not so much. You can feel that it's tough just by holding it. All the keys are well thought out and well placed, so are the speakers. Battery life is decent, like most high end smartphones. Once you use this, going back to the regular GS3's, etc. would not feel as good, how I wish Nokia went with Android!
  • L. Bandoly "Kindle Bookworm" - Insane, crazy, intense, but I love itI never thought I'd be a person to enjoy a workout routine and diet as intense and crazy as this one is, but I ended up loving it. After over five years of not taking care of myself and being entirely too idle, I decided to get moving because I was tired of not liking my body anymore. Per the doctor I was 45 lbs over the weight they want me at for my height, and that's a lot when you're only 5 feet tall. I'd knocked off 5 on my own when my husband ordered this. I was skeptical really didn't want to do it, but then I decided what the hell and dived in head first.

    I'm not going to lie the workouts are crazy and intense. But I love the changes in my body. If you're serious about improving your body and getting in shape this product will definitely do it for you. But read all the material that comes with this so that you fully understand why you need to do it the way he has it set up. And why food is so important. But be prepared to sweat and to learn to hate yoga.